There is plenty to consider when choosing a new garage door: budget, security, materials, and the style of your home, just to name a few. If you are looking to upgrade the classic look of your home, a wooden garage door may be the best option for you.

You may have heard that wooden garage doors are too hard to maintain, or they aren’t a good investment due to their susceptibility to rotting or warping. This may be true… for hot, dry climates. With proper maintenance, Midwest homeowners can enjoy a wooden garage door for years. Here are a few other things to consider when choosing this type of garage door.


The beauty of a wooden door is undeniable, not to mention the added instant curb appeal and innate charm. This kind of door has several customization options: type of wood, the color of stain or paint to perfectly complement the house, style of windows, choice of decorative hardware and accents, and more. This makes it very easy to design the best door for your existing home.

Keep in mind that a wooden door needs to be maintained a bit differently than its steel or fiberglass counterparts. A new coat of stain or paint is required every few years to keep it looking its best and to serve as weatherproofing.

Don’t forget to inspect the door for signs of rotting, as well. With proper routine maintenance, your wooden door can last a long time!


Unlike steel, wood is much less likely to dent or crack due to its natural strength. These doors are thick and solid, making them especially forgiving if you accidentally get too close while parking once, or twice. If one part of the door does happen to get damaged, you can simply repair that portion—no need to replace the entire door, unlike steel or fiberglass.

Energy Efficiency

While it’s true that steel is a better insulator than wood, you can choose wooden doors that contain insulation. If your garage is connected to your home, this is something to consider. Adding insulation to a wood door can add to its total price as the wood itself is a renewable resource. This makes it an eco-friendly choice, more so than steel or fiberglass.

A wooden garage door can complement any style of home, from rustic to classic to sophisticated luxury. It’s a timeless look that can last years to come and can definitely be worth the investment when properly cared for.

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