An Interview with CEO Tanner Kinzler

As you may know, WD Door merged with Kinzler Construction Services earlier this year. President & CEO Tanner Kinzler was featured in the December issue of BUILD Des Moines magazine, talking about ways our employee and family-owned company is growing to serve our customers even better!

Check out the full magazine.

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Dub Hub Spotlight for August: Kenny Wilson


This month we are highlighting Kenny Wilson, one of our main residential garage door installers. He started working for us in September of 2015. Despite being relatively new to WD Door, Kenny has already moved up to doing specialty, complex jobs because of his knowledge, attention to detail, and professional demeanor. His strong work ethic and excellent customer service skills make him a perfect fit for our team. (more…)

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Steve Tesser – Des Moines Residential Garage Door Installation


This month we are highlighting Steve Tesser, one of our residential garage door installers. He started working for WD Door in Des Moines back in August of 2011. He went from a residential assistant to a team lead in a very short time because of his strong work ethic and attention to detail. Steve handles all of our unique and complicated installation projects. We count on his precision and expertise to get the job done well and efficiently.

Thank you, Steve, for all your hard work and commitment to the WD Door team!


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Dub Hub Spotlight: Ryan Spooner – Garage Door Installation

Ryan-des-moines-residential-garage-door-installation.pngThis month we are highlighting Ryan, our residential salesperson. He started working for WD Door in March of 2005 in our Des Moines residential garage door installation department as a helper to one of the lead installers. He is self-taught and motivated and was quickly promoted to doing lead residential garage door installs. He was the go-to guy for detailed, tricky, and labor-intensive installation and service jobs.


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Des Moines Garage Doors Dub Hub Spotlight: Petr Grunt

Pete-WD-Door.pngThis month’s spotlight is on Petr, one of our commercial installers. He’s worked at WD Door for garage door repair and installation for 10 years.

He started in residential garage door installation and quickly moved into Des Moines’ commercial work. Petr goes the extra mile for everyone, and is such a hardworking team member. His work in the field reflects this as he’s in charge of large, more complex installations.


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