An Interview with CEO Tanner Kinzler

As you may know, WD Door merged with Kinzler Construction Services earlier this year. President & CEO Tanner Kinzler was featured in the December issue of BUILD Des Moines magazine, talking about ways our employee and family-owned company is growing to serve our customers even better!

Check out the full magazine.

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Dub Hub Spotlight for August: Kenny Wilson

This month we are highlighting Kenny Wilson, one of our main residential garage door installers. He started working for us in September of 2015. Despite being relatively new to WD Door, Kenny has already moved up to doing specialty, complex jobs because of his knowledge, attention to detail, and professional demeanor. His strong work ethic and excellent customer service skills make him a perfect fit for our team.

Kenny exceeds the expectations of our clients and is a very reliable and valued member of our team. Thank you, Kenny, for your commitment to WD Door!

Here are some quotes from our staff!

“Kenny the Jet always appears to be in a good mood. He greets everyone with pleasant hellos every morning and talks kindly and respectfully to everyone in the office. He cares about his work and represents WD Door well.” –Mike

“Kenny is very personable and great with our valued customers. He’s always willing to help others in the field and in the office.” –Steve

“When I see Kenny in the office he always has a smile on his face even if the day was rough. Kenny always is very respectful and pleasant to talk to. Kenny, keep up the GOOD work!!!” –Tonya

“Kenny is a very pleasant person–always has a smile on his face. Very polite to all of the office staff and customers. Kenny does his job without complaint and is willing to work on the more complex doors. He’s a valuable employee that we are lucky to have back.” –Jeff

“When Kenny is in the office gathering up parts for his day, his pleasant, cheerful demeanor is a breath of fresh air most days. He installed new doors and motors for my house and did a tremendous job. I would recommend him to anyone!” –Allison

If you’re looking for a great, trustworthy garage door repairman in the state of Iowa, look no further! WD Door is a locally-owned garage door repair and installation company in Ankeny that services across the state of Iowa. Let us know how we can help!

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Our July Dub Hub Spotlight is on… Merle Pottorff!

This month we are highlighting Merle Pottorff, one of WD Door’s main residential garage door service technicians. He started working for WD Door in Des Moines back in December 2005. His strong work ethic, attention to detail, and excellent customer service skills make him a perfect fit with our team.

Merle handles a good portion of our service calls in the area, and we couldn’t keep running so smoothly without him! We count on his resourcefulness and expertise to get the job done efficiently and correctly on the first trip out. He relies on his past experience and intuition to anticipate what parts to bring for each individual job, making the service schedule more streamlined.

Thank you, Merle, for all your hard work, longevity, and commitment to the WD Door team!

Here are some quotes about Merle from our staff:

“Merle is very thorough in his work and has very few call backs on the work he does. He is pleasant and polite to all customers.” –Jeff

“He always thinks of the customer first and does the service work correctly. He cares about the company and is very loyal. Merle helps others with problem solving as well.” –Steve

“Merle is a family man who loves his wife and children and always puts them first. Merle is a handy guy who is always willing to help a friend with a project. His hobbies include fishing, having a good time, and the Star Wars Force Collection app game.” –Ryan

“Merle is so polite that he always says “Thank you” twice when he’s in the office in the mornings, getting ready for his route. Almost as if it’s one word: “Thankyouthankyou, Allison!” He has always been very pleasant to be around and asks about us and our families.” –Allison

“Merle has great customer service and limited callbacks. He takes pride in his work and has a great sense of humor. On the negative side of things, he roots for the Dallas Cowboys, which leaves him with a bitter taste on most Monday mornings!” –Brad

“Merle is a great fellow employee. He is extremely friendly with co-workers and customers. He’s very knowledgeable about the ever-changing products. He goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied, takes great pride in his work, and is a great representative for WD Door.” –Mike

WD Door is an overhead door and operator company in Ankeny, serving across the state of Iowa. Let us know if we can help you in any way with your residential or commercial garage door system! Our garage door technicians are trustworthy, established, and professional.

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Steve Tesser – Des Moines Residential Garage Door Installation

This month we are highlighting Steve Tesser, one of our residential garage door installers. He started working for WD Door in Des Moines back in August 2011. He went from a residential assistant to a team lead in a very short time because of his strong work ethic and attention to detail. Steve handles all of our unique and complicated installation projects. We count on his precision and expertise to get the job done well and efficiently.

Thank you, Steve, for all your hard work and commitment to the WD Door team!

Here are some comments from our team about Steve:

“Steve has an innate willingness to help others. He has creative ideas to get the job done, does all the unique installs, has excellent craftsmanship, and cares about customers’ wants and needs.” – Steve B

“He does a great job on some of our more challenging residential installs. He is very polite and has a lot of respect from his co-workers. Steve is a team player and someone you can count on! – Brad

“When I think of “Iowa Nice,” Steve comes to mind. He is always ready to help people, not just at work, but outside of work. He has spent many hours helping guys fix their vehicles and never asks for a dime. When not at work Steve spends his weekends remodeling his home with his wife, watching Alabama football, brewing his own beer, and collecting rare scooters.”– Ryan

“Steve always shows up for work and is a very competent worker. He’s always so polite.” – Mike

“He’s very easygoing and an even-tempered installer. He takes pride in his work and acts as though each job is for his personal house. Steve is very reliable; we are always able to count on him to be at work and get the job done in a timely and high-quality manner. He’s an extremely valuable employee!”  Jeff

Thank you for being such a loyal, hardworking team member!


WD Door Team

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Dub Hub Spotlight: Ryan Spooner – Garage Door Installation

This month we are highlighting Ryan, our residential salesperson. He started working for WD Door in March of 2005 in our Central Iowa residential garage door installation department as a helper to one of the lead installers. He is self-taught and motivated and was quickly promoted to doing lead residential garage door installs. He was the go-to guy for detailed, tricky, and labor-intensive installation and service jobs.

Because of his knowledge and hands-on experience in the field for the last ten years, Ryan was promoted to our residential sales department. He brings his patience and guidance in helping our customers choose the perfect door for their residences. Ryan is passionate about the garage door industry and goes out of his way to help our customers, even stopping by houses on his way home from work to help people in need.

Here are some comments from our team about Ryan:

“Ryan is a loyal and passionate employee. He’s hardworking–will not call it a day until all of his tasks are taken care of. He cares about the installers and wants them to know what each of his projects will entail before leaving for the day.”Jeff

“He cares about the customer’s wants and needs. Ryan goes the extra step to ensure his jobs go well. He’s a dedicated employee and willing to help out others no matter how busy he is.” Steve

“Ryan is a hard worker who is very dependable and has a wealth of knowledge about garage doors. He takes pride in his job and goes the extra mile for our customers. He enjoys the outdoors, Iowa state athletics, and the Indianapolis Colts football team. He’s a great co-worker, friend, and asset to WD Door!!”Brad  

“Having Ryan in the office has been a tremendous help over the last year. With many of the office staff coming from different backgrounds, lacking the technical garage door knowledge, we rely on him heavily to take care of our customers. It’s obvious that he’s very caring and passionate about his job, and he takes great pride in taking care of his clients.” Allison

“He’s knowledgeable, a great resource, hard worker, and a dedicated team member.” –Marge

“Sitting out front, I get to hear Ryan interact with customers quite often. He has a great gift of patience and understanding. He listens well to what the customers’ needs and wants are. Very dedicated to his job and WD Door. His knowledge of product and field experience available to us in the office is a huge benefit.”Mike

Thank you, Ryan, for being such a loyal, hardworking team member!


WD Door Team

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Des Moines Garage Doors Dub Hub Spotlight: Petr Grunt

This month’s spotlight is on Petr, one of our commercial installers. He’s worked at WD Door for garage door repair and installation for 10 years.

He started in residential garage door installation and quickly moved into commercial work. Petr goes the extra mile for everyone and is such a hardworking team member. His work in the field reflects this as he’s in charge of large, more complex installations.

He frequently stays late to complete jobs to keep us on schedule and to move on to the next job site. He’s truly a dedicated and committed employee.

Here are some thoughts and comments from our staff about Petr:

“He’s very hard-working and respectful of everybody in the company. He takes pride in his work and the company’s equipment. A loyal employee.” – Jeff

“Petr is one of the nicest, most genuine people I have been around. Always has a kind words to say. Very hard working. You get an honest day’s work out of Petr.” – Mike

“Petr’s such a good guy. He goes out of his way to be helpful and is a genuinely kind person. WD Door is very fortunate to have him as an employee.” – Allison

“Helpful, Happy, Hardworking, Perfectionist, Friendly, Diligent, Respectful, Pleasant, and Veteran, are just a few of the words I would use to describe Petr. I honestly don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like him.”  -Ryan

“Dependable. Honest. Very detailed. Hardworking. Willingness to help everyone from the field and office.  He makes the extra effort to make the customer happy.” – Steve

“Petr always has a smile on his face & super friendly.” – Marge

“He’s always there to help out the other service techs after hours if they need a hand. He’s a true example of a team player and takes pride in keeping both shops clean and organized.” – Brad

Thank you, Petr, for being such a loyal, hardworking team member!


WD Door Team

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