9 Clever Home and Garage Door Safety Tips

It’s June again, which is Garage Door Safety Month! We’ve compiled a list of clever safety measures you can take to deter burglars from breaking into your garage or home. Burglary is one of the most common crimes, but it’s also one of the easiest to prevent. Follow these tips to keep your home, family, and belongings safe.

1. Keep your car keys near you while you sleep.

If you hear something strange or suspicious in the middle of the night, you can press the panic button to set your car alarm off. If a burglar is lurking around, it will most likely scare them away.

2. Be smart about where you store valuables.

If you leave for the weekend or a vacation, don’t store all your valuables in the master bedroom. Think about leaving them in a location burglars are less likely to look, such as in a child’s bedroom nightstand or in the attic or basement—places burglars are less likely to search when in a hurry.

3. Plant thorny plants beneath windows on the first floor

Planting thorny bushes, like roses, beneath ground-floor windows won’t only add beauty to your landscape; it will also make it harder to get into your home this way.

4. Don’t make it obvious that you’re leaving.

Instead of making a big scene by spending hours packing up the car the day before you head out of town, get everything ready and place it by the front door the night before you leave. Pack up quickly on the morning of your trip.

5. Don’t let the world realize you’re gone.

If your home looks deserted, burglars will feel more comfortable targeting your home. You could set your TV and/or radio on a timer so they play periodically to give the illusion that someone is home. Automatic light timers and motion sensor lights are other helpful tools.

6. Make sure your garage door is secure.

Garage doors are common entry points for burglars. Don’t make it easy for them! Make sure your garage door is shut whenever you leave your home, and consider incorporating MyQ technology so you can check on your garage and home while you’re away. You’ll be notified if someone opens your garage door, and you can open or close it from your smartphone. Burglars have become skilled at breaking into garage doors. They stick the wire through the garage door panels and unlatch the emergency release so they can lift the door manually. To prevent this, add a zip tie that will keep your emergency release handle intact, or purchase a deadbolt lock system for your garage door.

7. Tell a friend or neighbor you trust to check your house regularly.

If you’ve gone for an extended period of time, you may need to have someone mow your yard or shovel your driveway and pathways. Otherwise, have someone collect your mail, check for newspapers and flyers in your driveway and near the front door, and keep a watchful eye on your property.

8. Keep doors and windows locked.

This one may seem obvious, but some people make it too easy for burglars by forgetting to lock all possible entry points. Don’t hide keys outside your house where someone can find them, either.

9. Invest in a home security system (or make it look like you have one).

If you don’t want to spend the money on a new security system, you can buy decals and place them on your doors and windows to try to fool burglars.

WD Door is a garage door repair and replacement company in Ankeny, IA. We serve customers throughout the state of Iowa. Let us know what we can do to help you make your home safer and your garage more secure.

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Garage Door Springs vs. Cables

Cables and springs are some of the most important components of a garage door system. Today, we’ll give you an overview of what they are, how they work, and why you shouldn’t attempt to repair either of them on your own unless you’re absolutely qualified.


Torsion cables run along each side of your garage door. Composed of strong, flexible metal, cables must have just the right amount of tension, or your garage door may not open (if there’s not enough) or close (if there’s too much). Cables are raised and lowered with a pulley system and wound or unwound around a drum as the door opens and closes. The cable falling off the drum or winding incorrectly around the drum are both common problems for homeowners. If either of these things happen, your door can become jammed. Call a technician to reattach the cable or wind it correctly around the drum for you.

Cables are under extreme tension, and when they get old or rusty, they can weaken and snap. Never cut the cable to get your door to go down or attempt to repair a damaged cable on your own. Call a technician for immediate assistance, and don’t attempt to operate your garage door under any of these conditions.


Torsion springs are wound tightly and contain an immense amount of stored energy when they aren’t being used. Typically situated horizontally above the garage door opening, they work with the cables and motor to open and close your garage door. The springs are what support the weight of your heavy door. When the door moves, the cables wind or unwind the springs, storing or releasing the energy required to raise or lower the door.

If a spring breaks (which it will, eventually), the pressure of lifting the garage door will be placed on the motor, forcing it to work very hard. This could result in serious damage to your garage door operator. That’s why it’s so important to fix a broken spring immediately; don’t operate your garage door if a spring is broken.

Most springs last an average of 5-7 years or 10,000 cycles. The more often you use your garage door, the more quickly they’ll wear out. If your torsion spring is broken, you might notice a gap in the coils. Do NOT attempt to replace the spring yourself. Don’t remove the old spring or get too close to a broken spring, either. Call a professional to handle the situation for you as soon as possible.

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Springs

When it’s time to replace your springs, consider TorqueMaster! The spring is housed in a steel tube instead of exposed, making it safer for consumers. When the spring breaks, it will be contained. Nevertheless, only trained professionals should replace or repair TorqueMaster springs, so if one breaks, call a technician. You can still seriously injure yourself working on this type of spring without the knowledge, experience, and specific tools necessary to do the job right.

Inspect your system; check for frayed cable, rust on the cable or the springs, and gaps in the springs. Call a garage door technician if you notice anything suspicious. WD Door provides garage door repair and installation services across the state of Iowa. Call us today for immediate assistance, or fill out our online form to request a quote.


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Problems Your Garage Door May Face This Winter

It’s difficult enough to get moving on a cold, blustery winter morning in Iowa without anything going wrong. A garage door that becomes sluggish or stops running when you need to leave the house can be downright annoying. Before you run into a serious problem, beware of what could go wrong (and often does during the winter). Knowing how to prevent certain problems and avoid common issues can make your winter a bit less turbulent.

Your garage door gets stuck to the ground.

If you determine that your garage door is stuck to the ground, don’t attempt to open it by force or by repeatedly pressing the remote button. You could seriously damage both the weather stripping at the bottom of your door and your garage door motor.

The reason your garage door is stuck is likely because moisture made its way between the bottom of your door and the ground and froze. You’ll need to melt the ice that’s holding your garage door hostage. Try using salt or salt water to melt it, and then, once your door is free, wipe off the salt to prevent corrosion. If you find the weather stripping has ripped or become damaged, replace it so it can effectively keep the cold air, ice, and snow out of your garage.

The sensors become dirty.

With the extra snow and mud in the winter, you need to pay careful attention to your garage door system’s photo eye sensors to ensure they stay clean and continue working properly. If they become dirty, they’ll view the dirt as an obstacle, and your door won’t open or close properly. Clean them carefully with a soft cloth.

Your garage door isn’t running smoothly.

Old lubricant can harden and thicken when the weather turns cold, making it difficult for your garage door to run smoothly along its tracks. Remove old lubricant using a solvent, and then apply fresh, silicone-based oil to the moving components of your garage door system. To keep your garage door system clean and to prevent buildup, wipe down the lifting mechanism regularly with a rag dipped in solvent.

A spring breaks.

You’ll be able to tell if a spring has broken if you attempt to lift the door manually (after pulling the red emergency handle and releasing it from the lift mechanism). Your door should lift fairly easily if it’s in proper working order. If it feels very heavy, you likely have a worn or broken spring. If this is the case, call a professional to fix the problem for you as soon as possible. Garage door springs should never be repaired or replaced by anyone but a trained professional.

The metal begins to contract.

Cold temperatures naturally cause the metal to contract. Because of this, your garage door system may become tight and have more trouble moving during the winter. The best way to keep the problem at bay and prevent it from causing serious damage is to keep your system well-maintained by cleaning and lubing it regularly. Even if your system does tighten as the metal contracts, the lube will help decrease friction as the door moves.

Have you experienced any of these problems? If you’re having trouble identifying what’s wrong, contact WD Door. We service residential and commercial garage door systems around Iowa. Email or call us today for help!

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Is Your Garage Door Ready for Winter?

Fall is officially here! It’s time to start thinking about preparing our homes for the colder weather. Before temperatures really drop and it gets too cold to spend time outdoors, you should perform a few maintenance tasks on your garage door system to ensure it works smoothly for you throughout the winter.

Skipping fall maintenance could force you out into the bitter cold to deal with a problem you could have prevented if you had been prepared; it could also cost you a lot of extra money. Getting outside sometime this fall and going through this checklist could pay off for you in more ways than one! (more…)

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What Style of Garage Door Complements My House?

Your home is a visual representation of your personality. Whether it’s a traditional colonial, a modern bungalow, or a rustic lodge, you’ve worked hard to develop your home’s style. When it comes to the exterior of your home, few elements have a bigger impact than your garage door. Before you replace your garage door, you should first consider what style will best complement your home.


Steel garage doors offer a number of designs that work well in homes with classic architecture, like a colonial or ranch,. With a wide variety of colors and models to choose from, steel garage doors offer traditional aesthetic and superior durability.

Signature Features

  • Symmetrical
  • Evenly spaced, shuttered windows
  • Use of columns, dormers, and chimney
  • Formal
  • Covered entry


Did you choose your home for its charm? If so, a carriage house steel door may be the right choice for you. Carriage house doors provide character and dependability. If you have an eye for detail and are looking for a door the matches your home’s personality, a carriage door may be just right for you.

Signature Features

  • Natural materials including wood, stone, and brick
  • Low-pitched roofs
  • Wide porches
  • Built-in details
  • Lots of character


For those living future-forward, consider a contemporary aluminum door. With clean lines and full-view glass panes, aluminum-frame doors elevate your home’s exterior and give you the sleek look you’ve been working for.

Signature Features

  • Heavy emphasis on glass
  • Clean lines
  • Combination of indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Mix of curves and straight lines

Cape Cod

Your Cape Cod-style home would look great with a texturized fiberglass garage door. Excellent for areas with harsh weather conditions, fiberglass doors can be a gorgeous addition to your home’s exterior.

Signature Features

  • Steep roof
  • Large chimneys
  • Cedar shingles
  • Flanking windows
  • Dormers


For those looking for the hearty warmth of the great outdoors, consider a wood garage door. Real wood doors give your home an inviting look with their natural beauty and custom finishes. The craftsmanship of a wood garage door can provide the perfect finish to your home’s façade.

Signature Features

  • Use of warm colors
  • Emphasis on natural materials
  • Organic lines
  • “Worn” appearance
  • Showcases ornate details

If you’re ready to choose a new garage door for your home, contact WD Door. As Iowa’s experts on garage doors, the team at WD Door can help you find a garage door that is both functional and stylish. Request your quote today!

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How to Keep Wind and Rain Out of Your Garage

Does water seep into your garage when it rains, or does cold wind blow through the cracks of your garage door, making your garage and home drafty and uncomfortable? Today, we’ll discuss several ways to keep the wind and water out of your garage without having to replace your entire garage door. Protect your belongings, prevent water damage, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and keep those miserable drafts out by weatherproofing your garage this winter.

First, perform a simple test.

Grab an assistant and have them stand on one side of your closed garage door with a flashlight while you stand on the other. It may be easiest to see the light at night, so bundle up and head out with a buddy after work. Have your assistant shine the light all around the edges of the door. Take note of any areas where the light shines into your garage. These are the areas where wind and rain are able to penetrate your garage door, and they should be sealed.

Insulating Your Garage Door

Some garage doors are designed with built-in insulation, but most are not. You may need to add insulation yourself to create a greater buffer between your garage (and the door that leads into your home) and the cold wind and other outdoor elements. If it’s nearing time to replace your garage door, consider getting an insulated steel door with a high energy efficiency rating. If your door’s still in great shape, however, a much more affordable option is to insulate the door yourself.

You can find a garage door insulation kit at a hardware or home improvement store. You might come across two different types of kits in your search: soft-spun fiberglass and solid polystyrene sheets. Soft insulation is installed and held in place via clips. Polystyrene sheets pop into place in between the panels on your door. Choose whichever type of kit you prefer, and use the included instructions to install it. While you’re at the store, be sure to grab a utility knife so you can cut the insulation to size.

This insulation will serve you well in the summer also, helping to keep out bugs and heat!

Garage Door Weather Stripping

Check the current weather stripping on your door. Take a close look at the rubber strip that should extend across the bottom of your door from one end to the other. Are there cracks or gaps? Is it worn down? If so, it won’t be able to effectively perform its job (keeping out wind and moisture) and should be replaced. It’s normal for this piece of the door to wear out after a few years, and it should be replaced regularly. When you go to the store to purchase new weather stripping, you’ll likely get a piece that’s too long for your door. Cut it down to size, and then nail it or press it (if it comes with an adhesive backing) into place on your door after you’ve removed the old piece. Close the door, and take a look at your work after you’re done. The weather stripping should be flush with the ground. If it’s not, you will need to adjust it.

The Rest of the Garage

Check out the rest of your garage. If you have cracks in walls or around doors or piping, seal them with expanding foam insulation or caulking to prevent drafts in these areas.

Garage Doors in Iowa

If you need garage door service across the state of Iowa, contact us! Let us know if you are interested in an insulated garage door or would like some tips on how to insulate and weatherproof your current door. We install and repair both commerical and residential doors in Iowa.

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