The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide: Garage Door Openers & Remotes

Looking for a unique and thoughtful Christmas gift? A new garage door opener or any one of the new electronic gadgets that accessorize your garage door opener is the perfect solution.

Finally… A Practical Christmas Gift They’ll Love!

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers with the My-Q technology are especially great for the tech-savvy individual on your list. The My-Q enabled accessories enable you to operate features on your garage door from anywhere with your smart phone. A remote light control or garage and gate monitor are two excellent ways to open and monitor your garage door using your smart phone. These smart garage door openers also enable secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages!

Keyless entry, also known as a keypad, can be added to almost any existing garage door opener. Eliminate the need to carry a house key or risk getting locked out of the house with the gift of a keyless entry.

A garage door opener transmitter would make a great stocking stuffer for your spouse or your new teenage driver. Consider a mini transmitter for the bicycle or motorcycle enthusiasts in your family.

A gift certificate for a garage door tune-up may be the ideal present for the senior on your list. Ensuring that their garage door is in good working order for the winter months ahead provides your special senior with a welcome sense of security.

Purchase Your Garage Door Christmas Gift Today!

Don’t wait until the last minute, call WD Door at (844) 4WD-DOOR or contact us online to start your gift buying for the holidays! They will remember you every time they open their garage door!

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3 Ways MyQ Technology Makes Your Life Easier

It seems like there is an app for everything now, and your garage is no exception. MyQ technology allows you to operate your garage system at any time from anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. While it may seem unnecessary to some, this type of accessibility has major benefits for you and your home.

3 Major Benefits of MyQ Technology

Have you ever been on vacation and suddenly wondered if you remembered to shut your garage door? Perhaps you got to work before you realized you left the door open and no one else in your family is home, either. MyQ can help you with these problems and more:

Control your garage from anywhere.

The myQ app gives you the ability to open and close your home’s garage with your smartphone or other devices, and unlike using your garage door remote, you don’t need to be close to your garage to do it. Open or close your garage from work, a friend’s home, or even hundreds or thousands of miles away on vacation.

This kind of access also enables you to allow carriers to leave packages inside your garage rather than outside, where they would be exposed to bad weather and potential thieves. If you lose your house keys or one of your family members locks themselves out, you can simply open the garage from wherever you are with no need to disrupt anyone’s schedule and head home to help out.

Preset times to fit your needs.

Schedule your garage door to activate when you’re away from home or even when you’re staying in. While it’s easy to hit a button on your phone to close your door, it’s even easier to let the garage close itself at a preprogrammed time! No more getting out of your warm and cozy bed at midnight when you randomly think you left it open: it already shut itself two hours ago, as you told it to.

Give access to loved ones.

You can add up to three guests to your account, who can then control your garage door and lights from their own downloaded myQ app and login info. This is especially handy when your own device is dead and you can’t get to a charger or you’re away from home and want added peace of mind.

Like anything else, myQ connectivity isn’t for everyone. Though the myQ system is incredibly easy to set up, the unit that operates the garage door and the accessories that allow it to operate at its full potential come at a cost, but keep in mind that you don’t have to buy everything at once and can add features gradually as you recognize a need for them. Another factor to consider is that this type of automation relies on wireless internet access. If you live in an area where the WiFi connection is weak, you may experience some difficulty operating the myQ system.

MyQ technology can be a valuable upgrade for your home’s garage door system. The experts at WD Door want you to understand your choices in home garage door products. Subscribe to our blog for more regular updates, or click the link below to access our free guide to LiftMaster’s myQ home automation.

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How Does a Garage Door Opener Work?

Your home’s garage door operating system is composed of several different pieces and parts that all work together to open and close your door every day, probably multiple times a day. Just one click of a button sends everything into motion, but have you ever stopped to think about how it works?

A better understanding of your home’s garage door system can help you identify issues as they arise and perhaps even prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.

How It Works

When your garage door is closed, the motor locks it into place, not allowing any movement until it receives a signal from the remote (which is probably clipped to the sun visor in your car). This small remote is actually a radio transmitter: when you pull into your driveway and push the button, the transmitter activates and sends a code to the receiver in your garage to open the door.

When the garage door opener’s motor receives that signal, it directs the door’s spring system to start counterbalancing the weight of the door as it is lifted from the ground, which ensures a safe and controlled retreat up the tracks.

Cables assist the springs in opening and closing the garage door by providing more support as the heavy door moves up and down. Rollers, usually made of steel or nylon, allow the door to glide easily along the tracks.

myQ Technology

Have you ever gotten to work and couldn’t remember if you closed the garage before leaving? Perhaps you have a dog sitter coming to your home while you’re on vacation but don’t want to give them a remote or your garage’s code. Home automation features like the myQ smart system let you open and close the garage door while you’re away.

This system allows you to control your garage from anywhere you are, at any time, as long as you have access to the internet. Setting up the system is simple: download the app to your phone or other device and connect to WiFi.

With myQ, you can:

  • Open and close your garage door or gate
  • Preset the door to close at a certain time every day
  • Check to make sure your garage door is open or closed from anywhere
  • Turn your garage’s lights on and off
  • Adjust the thermostat in your garage
  • Receive alerts when your garage door is activated
  • View live video feed with compatible accessories

Your garage door keeps your home and family secure, and understanding more about how it works helps you identify issues as they arise. MyQ technology adds even more security and peace of mind. You can find more information about myQ technology on our blog, and subscribe for regular updates on cutting-edge garage door products!

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5 Emergencies Your WiFi-Powered Garage Door Opener Can Save You From

When you take advantage of home automation and myQ technology, there are a number of situations you no longer have to worry about. MyQ technology from LiftMaster gives you complete control over your garage and provides unprecedented accessibility and security for your home. Check out these emergencies that your WiFi-powered garage door system can save you from, and then have myQ-equipped products installed in your home!

I forgot my garage door opener!

We’ve all been there before. Whether you went out with friends or had a hectic morning, forgetting your garage door remote doesn’t have to be an emergency anymore. Simply use your smartphone and the myQ app to operate your WiFi-powered garage door without a separate remote. Your garage security is all at your fingertips—as long as you remember your smart device!

My kids left the garage door open!

Kids will be kids, and sometimes that means forgetting to shut the garage door. With the myQ app from LiftMaster, you can monitor the status of your garage door no matter where you happen to be. You can even set up a schedule for your door to open and close and receive alerts whenever your system is operated. Thanks to myQ, you can have peace of mind that your home is secured.

The dog sitter can’t get into our house!

You’re out of town and realize that you forgot to pass along the front door key to your dog sitter. Rather than going into an all-out panic, simply let your dog’s sitter into your home via the myQ app on your smart device. Compatible devices enable you to view the live video feeds of your garage so you can rest confidently knowing that all is well back at home.

It’s late and the garage is pitch black!

Late-night grocery runs can leave you in the dark with your hands full. Now you can simply turn on your garage light with your myQ app and compatible accessories. You won’t have to fumble around for the switch, and you can manage it all from the comfort of your car.

I’m out of town and don’t know what’s going on at home!

Between the control and monitoring features mentioned above and a number of other partnering automation programs, you can take control over the condition of your home no matter where you are. The myQ app works with a number of smart device partners, including Google Home/Google Assistant, Nest, XFINITY Home,, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Prime Key. A monthly subscription is required with most of these services, but with it comes a whole new realm of security and accessibility. With whole-home automation, you can adjust the thermostat temperature, turn lights on and off, and view a live video feed. Even when you’re away, you’ll be in the know about what’s going on at home.

If you’re ready to take advantage of home automation for your garage, contact the experts at WD Door. Our team of garage door professionals can help you determine the myQ products that will serve you best. Request your quote to get started!

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Key for Garage with Amazon Prime and myQ Technology

MyQ technology and Amazon are teaming up to offer a brand new feature for your garage system. Check out the basics on Key for Garage and learn how your MyQ system can work for you, even when you’re not home. Then, sign up to be notified as soon as the Key for Garage is available.

What is myQ technology?

MyQ technology is a line of smart products developed for improving the performance, monitoring, and security of your garage. With the myQ app and related products and accessories, you can

  • Receive activity alerts
  • Open and close your garage door
  • Preset a garage door schedule
  • Turn lights on and off
  • View live video feed

MyQ technology works with your operating system to take home automation out to the garage.

What is Key for Garage?

Chamberlin Group, the parent company of LiftMaster, has partnered with Amazon to launch Key for Garage. Key for Garage is an in-garage package delivery service for Amazon Prime members and LiftMaster myQ-connected garage door users.

How does Key for Garage work?

With the increase of online shopping, particularly through Amazon, package theft has become a major issue throughout the United States. Key for Garage allows your Amazon delivery person to deliver your packages safely to the inside of your garage. Amazon Prime members can take advantage of Key by simply linking their myQ account in the Key app.

What are the benefits of Key for Garage?

With Key for Garage, you have the ability to monitor and control your package delivery with the touch of a button. Key users can

  • Receive alerts when a package is delivered and the garage door is closed
  • View live feed from the garage
  • Control the garage door from a smart device

Key for Garage works in conjunction will your other myQ devices to give you complete control of your garage door wherever you may be.

How can I take advantage of Key for Garage?

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll first want to ensure that your myQ devices are installed and that you’ve created an account. Automating your garage is easier than you think! Once your myQ system is up and running, sign up to be alerted when Key for Garage is available. As soon as Key is on the market, you’ll be ready to go!

For all of your home automation needs, trust WD Door in Iowa. Our garage door professionals can help you identify the myQ devices that will best suit your needs and help you get the most out of your garage door system. We’re glad to help with the installation, repair, and maintenance of your garage door system. When it comes to garage doors, we’ve got you covered!

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Pros and Cons of Investing in MyQ Technology

By now, you’ve probably heard the buzz about myQ technology. It’s a smart system that allows you to monitor and control elements of your garage from anywhere. If you’re considering implementing myQ technology in your home, check out these pros and cons.


There are many benefits that come with myQ connectivity.

Easy Setup

Getting the system set up is a relatively easy process. This makes enabling and using myQ technology simple. Just download the app, connect to your Wi-Fi, and go!

Convenient Alerts

When the door opens or closes, you’ll know about it. Quick alerts allow you to monitor the status of your system. Set up specific alerts to keep tabs on your home.

Mobile Compatibility

Whether through the app or the mobile website, myQ is easy to operate from your mobile device.

Intelligent Design

Designed to integrate with other smart home products like Google Assistant, XFINITY Home, and Apple HomeKit, myQ technology allows you to seamlessly control your garage with the newest technology available.

Real-Time Control

MyQ lets you open and close your door with the touch of a button and view a live video feed to keep an eye on your home while you’re away.


While myQ technology offers a number of benefits, keep these limitations in mind as you assess whether it’s a good fit for your home.

Requires Investment

The initial myQ unit that operates your door and the variety of accessories needed to fully exercise its potential requires a substantial investment. Keep in mind that there are many different myQ products available, and you can gradually build your collection to suit your family’s needs.

Relies on Wi-Fi

If you live in an area where Wi-Fi is spotty or weak, then you may experience trouble with the myQ system. As a whole, the Wi-Fi receivers in myQ products are very receptive, but they cannot be expected to function well in an area without a healthy Wi-Fi connection.

May Need Subscriptions

To take full advantage of myQ and its sister products, you may need to register for monthly subscriptions. These services are relatively inexpensive and allow you to get the most out of your smart home products. They do, however, add to the expense of operating your system.

MyQ technology can be a helpful upgrade for your garage door system. To take advantage of its many benefits, contact WD Door in Iowa. Our garage door experts can help you determine the myQ products that are best for your home and help you bring your garage system into the 21st century. Contact us to learn more!

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Biggest Garage Door Trends This Year

UPDATED: 3/25/2021

Home improvement has been trending up for years, and this year, homeowners are still striving to increase the value and curb appeal of their homes. One simple and fast way to do this is by installing a new garage door. In 2020, garage door replacement returned a nationwide average of 94.5% of the homeowner’s investment!

Depending on the style, design, and condition, a door can really make or break a home’s overall appearance. A residential garage door isn’t just for practical use; it can add character, and charm, and complement the style of your home. Keep the following trends in mind as you begin searching for the perfect garage door for your home this year.

Bigger is better. 

Garage doors are growing in size and significance. When building or remodeling, homeowners are making larger garage openings to create open spaces with beautiful doors that complement their homes. Instead of blending into the background, garage doors are now designed to stand out and increase curb appeal.

 Keep in mind that you can customize your garage door to reflect your personal sense of style and complement your home’s aesthetic. Using tools like Wayne Dalton’s Garage Door Design Center can help you build a garage door just the way you want it! You can even test the look of the garage door you create on a picture of your existing garage before finalizing the purchase.


Home Automation

There seems to be a smartphone app for just about everything now. Yes, this includes your garage door. You can now purchase a garage door operator that you can program to control via your phone. MyQ technology allows you to open and close your garage from anywhere at any time, as long as you have internet access.

With MyQ technology, if you get to work and realize you forgot to close your garage door, you can simply access the app from your phone and close it from your office. Or, if your children get home from school and are locked out of the house, you can open up the garage for them without needing to leave work early to let them in. You can even add guests to your account, who can then download the app themselves and control your garage door.


Wood Carriage or Modern Look

A wooden door can give your home a classic, timeless feel. Real wood is beautiful, but an imitation material can look just as nice, be more durable, and require less maintenance. If you want this look but live in a climate that is not well suited for a wooden door, a carriage house steel or fiberglass garage door is a great alternative.

Another style trend to watch is modern design and bold colors. Drive through a new neighborhood in West Des Moines, Ankeny, or Altoona, and you’ll notice that modern is in. Choose from various window styles and placement options to design your own contemporary garage door to modernize your home. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your color choice! You can choose from just about any color for your garage door. Consider painting or staining your entry door the same color to create unity.


Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient door costs more upfront, but it can provide substantial benefits. Insulated garage doors can help reduce energy consumption and costs during the summer and winter seasons. If you have a family member who works in the garage year-round, insulation can help maintain climate control, keeping your garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Energy-efficient garage doors can be customized, so you don’t need to worry about them not blending into the style of your existing home. They also last just as long as regular doors, and sometimes even longer. The insulation acts as a reinforcement to the garage door, which helps it resist dents and other damage.

If you need help customizing and replacing your home’s garage door, the experts at WD Door can help. Subscribe to our blog for more advice and tips on keeping your home current with the trends.

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