Creative Ways to Decorate Your Garage Door for the Holidays

The garage can be a focal point of your home, especially during the holiday season! Here are some ideas for dressing up your garage door to make your home stand out in your neighborhood this year.

Frame Your Garage Door

You could frame your garage door with beautiful Christmas lights, wreaths, and garlands. Choose complimentary colors and plan your design before you hang it. You can buy light clips, outdoor lights, and extension cords from a home improvement store to make assembly a cinch.


Projecting an image is a safe, easy way to light up your garage or home. If you don’t want to take the time to hang lights and decorations and you don’t want to make any cosmetic changes, buy a projector to display either a static or moving holiday light display!


You can buy a mural to safely stick to your garage door for the holidays that can be easily removed at the end of the season. Find a landscape or fun holiday scene you love. Some murals cover the whole surface of your garage door while still allowing you to use your door like normal.


Buy holiday-themed magnets, and stick them right on your [steel] garage door! This is an easy way to decorate quickly. Buy letters to spell a message you’d like to send out to your neighborhood, or build a fun scene with different pieces, such as Santa and his reindeer or a Christmas tree with lights and presents.

What are you waiting for? Grab the family, and have them help you turn your ordinary garage into a festive focal point of your home for the holidays! Make sure you also check out our previous blog post for more exterior decorating tips: How to Hang Christmas Lights on Your Garage.

If you need garage door repair work or it’s time to replace your old, clunky garage door or operator, give WD Door a call! We’d love to help you out. Contact us for a quote or more information about any of our services.

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4 Ways to Update Your Garage This Summer

Are you looking for some new ways to improve the look, feel, and functionality of your home before the weather gets cold again? Here are some great ways to make your garage nicer, more energy efficient, and easier to use for the whole family! Any of these projects can (potentially) be conquered in a single weekend!

Operate Your Garage Door with Your Phone

Today, we can do a million different things with our smartphones. Using a simple app, you can even control your garage door if it’s connected to the internet! Open, close, and monitor your door from your phone while you’re away from home. You’ll no longer have to worry about someone opening your door without you knowing. If you think you may have left the door open but you’re not sure, you can check the status on your phone.

Apps like MyQ will give you control and send you alerts, so you can have peace of mind while you’re away from home. If your kids get home before you or you need to give friends or relatives access to your home, you can open the garage door for them from anywhere at any time!

Upgrade Your Garage Door

By upgrading to a new garage door, you could increase your home’s value, give your home a beautiful new focal point, and save money and energy over time. You have a huge variety of garage door types and styles to choose from, including contemporary aluminum, insulated steel, fiberglass, wood, and more. Consider installing an insulated garage door if you live in Iowa. We experience extreme temperatures in the winter and summer, and an insulated garage door can help keep energy costs down and our homes more comfortable throughout the year.

Replace the Interior Door

If your garage is connected to your home, the door in between probably gets a lot of use. If it’s not in very good shape anymore, consider updating it. If this door is drafty, it will release heat from your home in the winter and let it seep in during the hot summers. Replacing it with a well-fitting, insulated door can reduce waste and save energy. Also, consider adding a mounted doorstop you can flip down when carrying things into the house from the garage. Installing a handle-style doorknob that you can push down instead of twist will make entering and exiting easier as well, especially when your hands are full of groceries!

Fix Up the Floor

Fixing up your garage floor can make your entire garage look and feel much cleaner and more pleasant. You could paint your floor, apply an epoxy coating, add floor tiles, or stick to the basics—removing stains, cleaning, and filling cracks to renew the surface.

If you’re interested in replacing your garage door this year, it’s not too late! We have various residential and commercial doors we could install for you. Take a look at our garage door gallery to find a door style that complements your home or business, or click below to experiment with the Wayne Dalton Design Center.

WD Door replaces and repairs garage doors and operators across the state of Iowa. Ask us for a quote today!

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Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Your Garage FUN for the Whole Family!

You may be thinking, how on earth would I ever be able to wrangle the family together to help clean out the garage!? The idea that they might actually enjoy it may seem even more farfetched. If you’re a skeptic, keep reading. We’ve gathered some pretty great ideas for you and the kids that might dare we say it, get everyone excited about cleaning out the garage!

Make it into a game.

If you’re creative, you can come up with your own games to keep the kids engaged while working in the garage. One easy idea is making a list with certain tasks for each player. The person who completes the greatest number of tasks or completes their entire list of tasks first wins. Another idea would be to conduct a scavenger hunt. Make sure the winner gets a fun prize!

Plan a shopping trip.

Tell your kids if they get rid of enough of their old stuff in the garage, you’ll take them shopping for a new toy or outfit to give them something to look forward to.

Sell extra items, and place the money into a vacation fund.

Tell your kids to grab a certain number of items they own (or as many as they can) that they’d be willing to part with. You could sell these items online or have a garage sale, and add the money to a vacation fund. While decluttering the garage, be sure to tell everyone that the more you sell, the better vacation you’ll be able to afford!

Listen to music or an audiobook.

While cleaning, you could have each helper take turns choosing the music for a certain amount of time or a number of songs. Everyone will look forward to his or her turn to “be in charge.” You could also use music to create a game for the kids to see who can get the most done before a certain song ends. Another way to help the time pass quickly and to keep everyone engaged is by listening to an audiobook everyone enjoys. 

Plan a fun event.

If the kids help you out in the garage, you could reward them by taking them to a fun event or planning a party at home!

Have a campfire after you’re done.

Do you have a fire pit in your yard? If you’re getting rid of paperwork, woodwork, or other items that can be safely burned, you could have a campfire after you’re finished for the day. Grab s’more fixings, and sing songs or share stories around the campfire.

Maybe you have other effective ways to get engage your family in these types of activities. These are just a few fun ideas to get you thinking!

If the inside of your garage is spick and span, but the outside is a different story, we can help. Your garage door is the face of your garage and maybe a focal point of your home’s exterior. If your garage door is broken, outdated, clunky, or an eyesore, it’s probably time to replace it. WD Door is located in Ankeny and Cedar Rapids, IA, and installs and repairs commercial and residential garage doors throughout the state of Iowa. If you need service, give us a call!

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Simple Spring Garage Door Maintenance Tasks for Homeowners

With the changing weather and heavy rains we’ve been experiencing this spring, it’s important to make sure we take care of our garage door systems and make small repairs as needed to keep them running smoothly. Here are several common problems homeowners face this time of the year. Many of these tasks can be completed on your own without the help of a pro!

Replace the weather seal.

Protect your vehicles and other items inside your garage, and keep your home more energy efficient by making sure the bottom seal of your garage door is in good shape. This weather seal helps prevent unwanted wind and rain from entering your garage. First, inspect the rubber piece at the bottom of your door. Do you see any cracks, rips, or holes? If so, you should replace it. To replace, you’ll need to remove the old piece and measure for a new one, then head to the home improvement store or look online for weather stripping.

Inspect your door for air leaks.

To inspect your garage door for leaks, where water and air can sneak through, grab an assistant to help you perform a simple test. Have your helper stand outside with a flashlight while you’re inside the garage with the door shut and interior lights off. With the flashlight shining towards the door, take note of any cracks or areas where the light is seeping through. Seal any leaks you find to make your garage less drafty.

Clean the photo eye sensors.

Periodically, you should wipe off the photo eye sensors near the base of your garage door with a soft cloth to remove any dust that has been collected there. Make sure you’re careful not to scratch the photo eyes or knock them out of alignment.

To learn more about regular maintenance you should perform to keep your garage door running smoothly and efficiently, read these previous articles on our blog:

If you don’t know what’s wrong with your garage door and you need a professional opinion, don’t hesitate to call WD Door! We repair broken garage doors and install new commercial and residential garage doors across the state of Iowa. Let us know how we can be of service!

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Garage Door Springs vs. Cables

Cables and springs are some of the most important components of a garage door system. Today, we’ll give you an overview of what they are, how they work, and why you shouldn’t attempt to repair either of them on your own unless you’re absolutely qualified.


Torsion cables run along each side of your garage door. Composed of strong, flexible metal, cables must have just the right amount of tension, or your garage door may not open (if there’s not enough) or close (if there’s too much). Cables are raised and lowered with a pulley system and wound or unwound around a drum as the door opens and closes. The cable falling off the drum or winding incorrectly around the drum are both common problems for homeowners. If either of these things happen, your door can become jammed. Call a technician to reattach the cable or wind it correctly around the drum for you.

Cables are under extreme tension, and when they get old or rusty, they can weaken and snap. Never cut the cable to get your door to go down or attempt to repair a damaged cable on your own. Call a technician for immediate assistance, and don’t attempt to operate your garage door under any of these conditions.


Torsion springs are wound tightly and contain an immense amount of stored energy when they aren’t being used. Typically situated horizontally above the garage door opening, they work with the cables and motor to open and close your garage door. The springs are what support the weight of your heavy door. When the door moves, the cables wind or unwind the springs, storing or releasing the energy required to raise or lower the door.

If a spring breaks (which it will, eventually), the pressure of lifting the garage door will be placed on the motor, forcing it to work very hard. This could result in serious damage to your garage door operator. That’s why it’s so important to fix a broken spring immediately; don’t operate your garage door if a spring is broken.

Most springs last an average of 5-7 years or 10,000 cycles. The more often you use your garage door, the more quickly they’ll wear out. If your torsion spring is broken, you might notice a gap in the coils. Do NOT attempt to replace the spring yourself. Don’t remove the old spring or get too close to a broken spring, either. Call a professional to handle the situation for you as soon as possible.

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Springs

When it’s time to replace your springs, consider TorqueMaster! The spring is housed in a steel tube instead of exposed, making it safer for consumers. When the spring breaks, it will be contained. Nevertheless, only trained professionals should replace or repair TorqueMaster springs, so if one breaks, call a technician. You can still seriously injure yourself working on this type of spring without the knowledge, experience, and specific tools necessary to do the job right.

Inspect your system; check for frayed cable, rust on the cable or the springs, and gaps in the springs. Call a garage door technician if you notice anything suspicious. WD Door provides garage door repair and installation services across the state of Iowa. Call us today for immediate assistance, or fill out our online form to request a quote.


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Problems Your Garage Door May Face This Winter

It’s difficult enough to get moving on a cold, blustery winter morning in Iowa without anything going wrong. A garage door that becomes sluggish or stops running when you need to leave the house can be downright annoying. Before you run into a serious problem, beware of what could go wrong (and often does during the winter). Knowing how to prevent certain problems and avoid common issues can make your winter a bit less turbulent.

Your garage door gets stuck to the ground.

If you determine that your garage door is stuck to the ground, don’t attempt to open it by force or by repeatedly pressing the remote button. You could seriously damage both the weather stripping at the bottom of your door and your garage door motor.

The reason your garage door is stuck is likely because moisture made its way between the bottom of your door and the ground and froze. You’ll need to melt the ice that’s holding your garage door hostage. Try using salt or salt water to melt it, and then, once your door is free, wipe off the salt to prevent corrosion. If you find the weather stripping has ripped or become damaged, replace it so it can effectively keep the cold air, ice, and snow out of your garage.

The sensors become dirty.

With the extra snow and mud in the winter, you need to pay careful attention to your garage door system’s photo eye sensors to ensure they stay clean and continue working properly. If they become dirty, they’ll view the dirt as an obstacle, and your door won’t open or close properly. Clean them carefully with a soft cloth.

Your garage door isn’t running smoothly.

Old lubricant can harden and thicken when the weather turns cold, making it difficult for your garage door to run smoothly along its tracks. Remove old lubricant using a solvent, and then apply fresh, silicone-based oil to the moving components of your garage door system. To keep your garage door system clean and to prevent buildup, wipe down the lifting mechanism regularly with a rag dipped in solvent.

A spring breaks.

You’ll be able to tell if a spring has broken if you attempt to lift the door manually (after pulling the red emergency handle and releasing it from the lift mechanism). Your door should lift fairly easily if it’s in proper working order. If it feels very heavy, you likely have a worn or broken spring. If this is the case, call a professional to fix the problem for you as soon as possible. Garage door springs should never be repaired or replaced by anyone but a trained professional.

The metal begins to contract.

Cold temperatures naturally cause the metal to contract. Because of this, your garage door system may become tight and have more trouble moving during the winter. The best way to keep the problem at bay and prevent it from causing serious damage is to keep your system well-maintained by cleaning and lubing it regularly. Even if your system does tighten as the metal contracts, the lube will help decrease friction as the door moves.

Have you experienced any of these problems? If you’re having trouble identifying what’s wrong, contact WD Door. We service residential and commercial garage door systems around Iowa. Email or call us today for help!

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Garage Clean This Winter

Winter in Iowa can quickly turn a neat, clean garage into a huge, dirty, salty mess. Here are several ideas to help you winterize your garage to help protect your floors and vehicles and prevent you or your family from tracking gunk into your home.

How to Weatherize Your Garage and Protect the Floor

Check Your Garage Door’s Weather Stripping

One of the most effective ways to keep rain and snow out of your garage is to make sure the seal at the bottom is doing its job. If it’s worn, ripped, or cracked in places, the seal will be broken. Replace the rubber piece at the bottom of your door if necessary to increase your garage’s energy efficiency and keep out moisture.

Add Floor Mats

Concrete is porous, so it can easily become stained and damaged, especially in the winter with all the extra snow, mud, and slush. The cold temperatures can also affect concrete, making it more prone to chipping and cracking when water melts and freezes on the floors. Protect your garage floor from moisture and salt by adding absorbent containment mats. Easily squeegee or vacuum the mats to release the water outside instead of spreading it around the garage. When the winter is over, you can roll up the mats and store them until next year. 

If you’d rather not invest in containment mats, you can grab cardboard boxes and lay them down in your garage where you park your car to help absorb moisture and protect your floor. Simply toss them when they need to be replaced.

Also, consider adding mats near the entry door to your home. You can wipe off your shoes and remove them before going inside to avoid tracking contaminants from the garage into your house.

Wipe Down Vehicles Before Parking in the Garage

If you have chunks of muddy snow on your vehicle that you drive directly into your garage, those chunks will likely fall right onto the floors and turn into a dirty puddle that could then spread around the garage and be tracked into your home. Consider hopping out of your vehicle before driving into the garage to brush off the snow and wipe off the mud so it’s all left outside. Have a scraper or broom handy to make this process quick and easy.

Seal the Garage Floor

Consider coating your garage floor with epoxy to make it moisture and stain resistant. Epoxy also can make your floors much easier to clean and can give your garage a facelift. Make sure you follow instructions carefully and don’t apply the coating when temperatures are too low. Temperatures should fall between 60 and 90 degrees, so it’s best to do this during the spring or summer. Learn more about the benefits of epoxy coating in our previous blog article: Should I Epoxy-Coat My Garage Floor?

Give Your Floor a Good Cleaning

When the spring-cleaning time hits, be sure to clean both your vehicles and the floor in your garage to cleanse everything of the remnants of winter. Grab a mop and bucket and clean your floors with warm water and either dish detergent or vinegar; use one cup of vinegar or detergent for every gallon of water. Removing salt and dirt from your garage will keep it stronger longer. After mopping, use a squeegee to push excess water outside.

We hope our tips are helpful to you! If you find yourself in a pickle this winter and need help with your garage door, give us a call! We offer residential garage door services around Iowa, and we’d love to work with you. Contact us anytime!

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