You may be thinking, how on earth would I ever be able to wrangle the family together to help clean out the garage!? The idea that they might actually enjoy it may seem even more farfetched. If you’re a skeptic, keep reading. We’ve gathered some pretty great ideas for you and the kids that might dare we say it, get everyone excited about cleaning out the garage!

Make it into a game.

If you’re creative, you can come up with your own games to keep the kids engaged while working in the garage. One easy idea is making a list with certain tasks for each player. The person who completes the greatest number of tasks or completes their entire list of tasks first wins. Another idea would be to conduct a scavenger hunt. Make sure the winner gets a fun prize!

Plan a shopping trip.

Tell your kids if they get rid of enough of their old stuff in the garage, you’ll take them shopping for a new toy or outfit to give them something to look forward to.

Sell extra items, and place the money into a vacation fund.

Tell your kids to grab a certain number of items they own (or as many as they can) that they’d be willing to part with. You could sell these items online or have a garage sale, and add the money to a vacation fund. While decluttering the garage, be sure to tell everyone that the more you sell, the better vacation you’ll be able to afford!

Listen to music or an audiobook.

While cleaning, you could have each helper take turns choosing the music for a certain amount of time or a number of songs. Everyone will look forward to his or her turn to “be in charge.” You could also use music to create a game for the kids to see who can get the most done before a certain song ends. Another way to help the time pass quickly and to keep everyone engaged is by listening to an audiobook everyone enjoys. 

Plan a fun event.

If the kids help you out in the garage, you could reward them by taking them to a fun event or planning a party at home!

Have a campfire after you’re done.

Do you have a fire pit in your yard? If you’re getting rid of paperwork, woodwork, or other items that can be safely burned, you could have a campfire after you’re finished for the day. Grab s’more fixings, and sing songs or share stories around the campfire.

Maybe you have other effective ways to get engage your family in these types of activities. These are just a few fun ideas to get you thinking!

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