If you love the look of wood garage doors but don’t love the price tag or the required maintenance, this is the article for you! Advances in garage door materials make it possible for homeowners to enjoy the appearance of wood garage doors with the functional benefits of other garage door materials. Check out these wood garage door alternatives.


Once you’ve decided on a faux wood garage door, you’ll need to determine what type of door will work best for your home. There are a variety of styles, lines, and manufacturers of alternative wood garage doors, but they are divided into two primary categories: steel and fiberglass. Be sure to assess your needs before deciding which type of residential garage door to purchase.


When you think of a garage door, steel is probably what comes to mind. Steel is the most common material for garage doors, and it’s no surprise! Low in cost and maintenance, steel garage doors are a fantastic option for most garages. Thanks to advances in design, steel can also be crafted to mimic wood. With a steel “wood” garage door, you’ll get the gorgeous, warm appearance of wood while paying significantly less and doing far less upkeep.


A second, up-and-coming option in the faux wood garage door market is fiberglass. A very light, corrosion-resistant material, fiberglass doors offer a number of benefits. Fiberglass doors are not as susceptible to dents (from cars, basketballs, etc.) as other materials. The beauty of fiberglass is that it can be molded to imitate wood grain.


There are many advantages to choosing a wood garage door alternative.

Low Maintenance

By choosing an alternative to wood, you can nearly eliminate the need for maintenance. One of the major downsides of a traditional wood garage door is the upkeep. Wood has to be refinished often and can rot or mold from too much moisture—a problem not found with metal doors.

Low Cost

A second huge advantage of wood-alternative garage doors is the cost. Wood doors are some of the most expensive on the market. For those who love the designer look of a wooden garage door but don’t want to pay the high price, a faux wood garage door can be the perfect solution.

Insect Resistant

Unlike their traditional wooden counterparts, wood alternative doors are impervious to carpenter ants, termites, and even wasps.

There are many reasons to choose a wood alternative garage door. They are especially useful for those who

  • Are working on a tight budget
  • Don’t have time for a lot of maintenance
  • Live in a humid or coastal area
  • Live in an area with a high insect population
  • Love the look of traditional wooden garage doors
  • Want a gorgeous focal point that enhances their home’s curb appeal

Are you ready to take advantage of these wood garage door alternatives? To learn more about residential garage doors and wood garage door alternatives, contact WD Door in Iowa.