In temperamental Midwest weather, you want your garage door to protect your home from the elements while reflecting your personal taste. Our list of top-selling garage doors can help you choose a practical door while showing off your sense of style and enhancing the value of your home.

For the Traditionalist

Classic Steel

If you appreciate a simple style and place a high value on your door’s durability, then Wayne Dalton’s Model 9100 steel garage door could be the best choice for you. Steel is a very common choice of garage door material, particularly in the Midwest. It is cost-efficient and durable enough to remain in top shape for years to come. Polyurethane foam insulation provides energy efficiency in all seasons. Choose from several different colors, panel and window styles, and glass options in order to perfectly complement your home.

Wood Look with a Twist

If you love the look of wood but are concerned about its maintenance needs, consider Wayne Dalton’s Model 600. This door combines the look of natural wood with the durability of steel for years of low-maintenance use. Since the door is actually composed of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, you won’t need to worry about it warping, rotting, or cracking. This model also has several different panel and window styles and color options to choose from to suit your needs and personal taste.

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A More Contemporary Feel

Carriage Style

Get outside the box with a carriage-style garage door like Wayne Dalton’s Model 9405. Carriage-style doors add a classic and distinguished look to your home and appear to open by swinging out rather than rising like the typical garage door. Like the classic steel options, this steel garage door requires very little maintenance. It comes with polyurethane foam insulation to improve your home’s efficiency, block outside noise, and support quiet operation. Decide which panel and window style you like best, and choose a color that complements your home.

All-Out Modern

Contemporary Aluminum

Wayne Dalton’s full-view aluminum garage doors can be the perfect fit for homeowners with a fun, modern sense of style. Aluminum is a lightweight and dent-resistant material but can cost more than steel. These doors, like the Model 8850, include top-to-bottom windows that can help unify indoor and outdoor spaces. With this type of door, you can choose among several panel styles, colors, glass, and insulation options.

You take care to express your sense of style inside your home, and choosing the right garage door is an easy way to extend it to the exterior. Subscribe to our blog for more tips on enhancing the value of your home, or call WD Door today to learn more about the different garage door options that are available to you.