Have you been considering a garage door remodel or new installation? Whether you’re going to replace your garage door or make updates to your current one, consider windows to add style and light to your garage. Picking out windows may not be as simple as you think, however, with all of the customization options available today. Keep the following tips in mind to help you choose the right windows for the right reasons!


Certain types of windows will add much more natural light to your garage. If you work in your garage often or would like to walk into a well-lit garage in the morning on your way to work, choose large windows or windows placed strategically to let in maximum light throughout the day. Today, many modern garage doors, such as contemporary aluminum, have large glass panes for this purpose.


If you want to add windows, but you’re concerned about security, you can choose to add small windows to only the top section of your door. This will still allow some light in but keep you and your belongings safe and secure.


If you enjoy your privacy and don’t want people walking by to be able to peer inside your garage, you can still install windows! Fortunately, you have several different glass options to choose from, including clear, tinted, frosted, satin etched, and laminated, to name a few. If you’d like to be able to see out but don’t want people to see inside, you could order two-way mirror glass windows.


The quality of garage door windows can vary—probably more than you think. For example, single-pane windows will be less energy efficient than double-pane, insulated windows. Windows made of acrylic, as opposed to real glass, can scratch more easily. Also, consider the frame material. Polypropylene is a high-quality product that won’t fade as easily as other materials.


If your primary goal is to make your garage look coherent with the rest of your home, look at the windows in your front door and the other windows throughout your home. For example, if all your windows have white trim and a grid-like structure, you can reflect that look on your garage as well.


It’s important to establish a budget before choosing windows for your garage door so you know how much you can realistically spend and how much customization you can do. Be sure to ask for a quote once you have a design in mind so you have a good idea of how much your project will cost. Talk with a garage door salesperson if you need help designing a door that stays within your budget.

Design a Custom Garage Door

To design a custom door, or to see what your door will look like with windows added, check out the Wayne Dalton Garage Door Design Center. You can upload a photo of your own home and garage and then experiment with different styles of doors until you find one you love.

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