Are you on the hunt for a new commercial garage door but unsure what type would be the best fit for your business? Here are several common garage door applications for various types of businesses. If you don’t see yours listed below, don’t worry. Think about what you want out of your garage door, and choose a door that meets your needs.

Business: Service Station, Car Wash, Auto Dealership, Restaurant, or Firehouse

Door: Aluminum Sectional

Aluminum sectional doors are absolutely beautiful! They’re also lightweight, non-corrosive, and strong. Aluminum sectional doors have large windows that will fill your facility with natural light during the day and offer great visibility from the inside and out. These doors are great for auto dealerships, modern restaurants, and fire stations.

aluminum sectional door

Business: Warehouse or High Traffic Building

Door: Steel Sectional

These doors are among the toughest available. If you have large vehicle traffic and use heavy machinery, steel sectional doors may be your best bet. They are highly energy efficient, can withstand strong winds and extreme weather, and can be insulated to keep your building safe and comfortable all year round. These doors require very little maintenance because of their durability.

steel sectional doors 1

Business: Healthcare Facility, Hotel, or Educational Facility

Door: Rolling Fire Door

If an alarm is activated, a fire door will automatically close, keeping fire and smoke in an enclosed space. This is to keep people and the remainder of the building safe and simultaneously provide an easy escape for those in the building in case of a fire.

rolling fire door

Business: School, Hospital, Office, Retail, or Pharmacy

Door: Security Shutter

Security shutter doors are perfect for areas with low headroom and high pedestrian traffic. These extruded aluminum doors are strong and secure and effectively prevent theft or forced entry. Different design options allow for varying degrees of airflow and visibility.

security shutter

Business: Manufacturing, Warehouse, and Distribution Facilities

Door: High Speed

If your business requires high security and doors that open and close quickly, a high-speed door may be right for you. Some high-speed doors are built to withstand extreme weather and high-traffic environments as well. Due to their speed and quick closure, high-speed doors keep the warmth inside in the winter and cool air in during the summers better than many other doors, offering your facility climate control and energy efficiency all year long.

If you’re not sure which type of door would be the best fit, give us a call or send us a message online! We can help you find a commercial door that complements the look of your facility while meeting its functional needs.

high speed commercial door

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