If your relationship with your garage door has recently become complicated and you’re not sure what to do, take our advice and hand over the reigns to the professionals. Garage doors are complicated and dangerous pieces of machinery. If you’re not professionally trained in the art of garage door replacement or repair, you need to find someone who is.

If you try to fix your malfunctioning garage door on your own, you could end up making the problem worse or seriously injure yourself in the process. If you’re thinking about trying any of the following fixes on your own, reconsider. It’s not worth the price you could potentially pay.

Adjust Garage Door Components

Never try to adjust or replace garage door components like torsion springs, cables, hinges, rollers, or tracks. If you attempt to repair one of these components on your own, you’ll not only put yourself in harm’s way, but you could repair the wrong thing (or the right thing the wrong way). This could lead to you writing a bigger paycheck to have the job done correctly by a professional anyway—or worse, having to pay a huge hospital bill.

If any of the above components breaks, your heavy door could slam to the ground. You don’t want anyone to be nearby when that happens. Avoid all of these situations, and call a technician to handle the problem from the beginning.

Work with Electrical Parts

When you push the button to open or close your garage door, electricity powers the operator, and your door moves up or down by means of a pulley system. Whenever you work with electrical components, you’re putting yourself at risk for shock, electrocution, or even fire. Don’t make electrical repairs yourself unless you’re one hundred percent confident in your abilities and have the proper experience and tools to do so.

Replace Your Garage Door

Never replace a garage door on your own. Garage doors are heavy, and installation is not easy. A garage door system is more complex than many people realize, and if something is done incorrectly, you’re, again, placing yourself and your family in harm’s way. Garage doors aren’t cheap, either! Even a small mistake can lead to severe damage that can be very costly to fix. Ensure your garage door is installed safely and properly the first time by having a professional do it for you.

Additionally, if you install your door on your own, it may not have any warranty or guarantee. If something goes wrong, you could be out of luck.


You don’t want to find out the hard way that you should have called a professional to repair or replace your garage door. If you try to make an adjustment on your own that you’re not qualified to make, you could end with more than just damaged equipment. Call WD Door today for service in and around Des Moines, and save yourself from a potentially shocking experience!