Frequently Asked Questions

Which Remote Do I Need to Purchase?2018-05-02T04:18:07-05:00

To learn about our various models and styles please see our clickable links for a listing and details.
See Excel Chart (20 kb)
Universal Remote PDF (664 kb)

Where Do I Call For Technical Or Installation Support?2018-05-02T04:21:22-05:00

The Wayne Dalton Support number is (888) 827-3667.

What types of garage doors do I have to choose from?2021-03-16T11:14:22-05:00

There are a number of options for residential garage doors including Classic Steel, Carriage Steel, Fiberglass, Wood, Aluminum.

If you are searching for a garage door for your business, it is important to choose a door that fits your unique set of needs. Commercial installations can be complex so it’s best to start with a site visit to evaluate your situation. Use this helpful guide to choosing the best fit for your company.

What Kind Of Oil Should I Use On My Door?2021-02-26T14:16:53-05:00

Use a non-silicone based lubricant. You may use a light duty (10W-30) motor oil on the springs only

What Is Your Service Coverage Area?2018-05-02T04:21:43-05:00

We service most areas of the state of Iowa. Trip charges may apply.

What is the warranty on my garage door and operator?2021-03-16T11:13:33-05:00

For a garage door installation, WD Door offers a one year warranty. The warranty on the actual garage door depends on the manufacturer’s warranty.

For a service call, we offer a 30 day warranty on the service received. If a different issue arises, standard service rates would apply.

If you have questions about your warranty, contact us.

What Is The Warranty On My Door Or Operator?2018-05-02T04:20:32-05:00

Installation: 1 Year Labor, Manufacturer’s Warranty on Product
Service: We offer a 30 day warranty on our service if it is the same issue that we initially serviced for. If it is a different issue, standard service rates would apply.

What is the use of a high lift garage door?2021-03-16T11:15:07-05:00

High lift garage door conversion is a modification of your existing door to allow additional space. This additional clearance allows more space for commercial and residential space. There are different garage door operators that are best suited for high lift garage door systems, click here to learn more.

What Is My Recourse If I Didn’t Purchase My Door Or Operator Through Your Privately Owned Dealership?2018-05-02T04:21:02-05:00

You may contact Wayne-Dalton corporate directly or we would be happy to service it for you at our regular service rates.

What If My Door Is Reversing After A Few Inches?2018-05-02T04:22:56-05:00

This is a common issue with the photo eyes (safety sensors) at the bottom of the door. Make sure they are aligned and that there is no dust or debris on them.

What If I Have A Broken Spring?2018-05-02T04:22:18-05:00

This is a common service issue and they can be replaced without replacing the door. If the door has two springs, many people choose to replace both as they are usually on the same life cycle.

What Are The Maintenance And Painting Instructions For My Door?2018-05-02T04:22:28-05:00

Please see PDF links for maintenance instructions on steel or wood doors.

Steel Door PDF (106 kb)
Wood Door PDF (92 kb)

Is it safe to insulate a garage door?2021-03-16T11:21:02-05:00

Typically, insulating your own garage door is safe to do. When adding insulation, be sure to adjust your springs to account for the additional weight. There are many different options for insulation including Batt, Blown-In, and Foam Board. For more information on insulating your garage, here is a related article.

How to maintain your garage door2021-03-16T11:24:29-05:00

Just like many elements of your home, your garage door requires regular maintenance including clearing the tracks, checking the hardware, and other general maintenance.

How Do I Program My Wayne-Dalton Accessories?2018-05-02T04:18:39-05:00

Please click on one of the following PDF’s that pertain to your accessory model.
Wayne-Dalton Remote Transmitter
 (213 kb)
Wayne-Dalton Keyless Entry (5-Button) (205 kb)  
Wayne-Dalton Keyless Entry (10-Button)
 (1.57 M)
Homelink – iDrive (233 kb)

How Do I Program My Liftmaster Accessories?2018-05-02T04:19:21-05:00

Please click on one of the following PDF’s that pertain to your Liftmaster accessory model.
Rolling Code Remote (371LM, 971LM) (281 kb)
Dip Switch Remote (61LM) (197 kb)
Rolling Code Keyless (377LM, 976LM) (934 kb)
Dip Switch Keyless (66LM) (145 kb)

How do I open my door when the power is out?2021-03-16T11:23:37-05:00

If you are inside your garage, you can manually open your attached garage door by locating the bypass switch. Simply look for the red rope hanging from the mechanism on the roof of your garage.

If you are outside the door, you may have a keyed emergency release bolted into the outside of the door. Simply insert the key and rotate 180 degrees. Then pull it out until you notice a popping sound.

For more information on opening your garage door, click here.

How do I know if I have a broken garage door spring?2021-03-16T11:19:48-05:00

Broken springs can be identified by looking for common symptoms:

  • You hear a loud bang – similar to a firework
  • The operator only lifts the door roughly a foot off the ground.
  • One end of the garage door rests on the ground while the opposite end of the door stays roughly 6” off the ground

If your door has one of these symptoms, identify your springs either above or down the side of the door and look for gaps between the coils.

  • If you have an enclosed spring, pull the emergency release on your operator and manually lift the door about two feet off the ground. If the door wants to slam back down, then one or both springs are broken and will need replaced.

When replacing springs, it’s best to replace both springs at the same time in order to ensure equal wear and tear on each.

How can I tell if my garage door is balanced?2021-03-16T11:22:53-05:00

A balanced door should stay in place by the balance on the springs. To test this, close your garage door. Then, unhook the door from the opener, and release the red handle on the emergency release. As you lift the garage door manually to the halfway point, it should stay in place. If it does not stay in place, call a professional to come check it out.

How are you supposed to lubricate a garage door?2021-03-16T11:18:46-05:00

The first step is to purchase an oil-based lubricant. Then lubricate the rollers, roller stems, hinges, tracks, and springs. Avoid messes by being careful to not over lubricate.

For additional information about frequently asked questions, check out our blog article, Common Questions for Garage Door Dealers (and Answers for Customers).


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