Your Guide to LiftMaster’s myQ Home Automation Technology

Smart devices are everywhere. There are smartphones, smart appliances, and even smart garage door systems. The world of home automation can be a little overwhelming. There’s a lot to choose from, and it can be hard to know how to begin. To help you get started, check out our guide to LiftMaster’s MyQ home automation technology.

What Is MyQ Technology?

LiftMaster’s MyQ technology allows you to use the MyQ app to communicate with your LiftMaster garage door opener, MyQ accessories, and partnering products to monitor and control the security, lighting, and temperature of your home. No matter where you are in the world, your garage is just the touch of a button away.

LiftMaster Garage Door Integration

Whether you’re replacing your garage door operator with a new LiftMaster model or updating your current system, LiftMaster’s MyQ garage door integration gives you control over your garage wherever you happen to be. The MyQ Smart Garage Hub allows you to add Wi-Fi control to almost any garage door system. Check out the features you can look forward to with MyQ technology!

MyQ Features

Remote Garage Door Control

With the MyQ app and MyQ integrated operating systems, you can easily control your garage door system and monitor its status. You’ll never have to wonder if you closed the door again!

Scheduling Capabilities

Program a specific time for your door to close or for your garage lights to turn off. It’s easy with the MyQ app and accessories!

Real-Time Alerts

Whether the kids just got home from school or the dog sitter is letting Fido out, your MyQ system will alert you that your door has opened. Your system will also alert you whenever your door has been left open. You’ll know of all entrances and exits, whether planned or not.

Operate Garage Doors and Gates

You can open and close all of your MyQ connected garage doors and gates from the convenience of your phone—perfect for letting the neighbors in while you’re on vacation!

Temperature Control

Use the MyQ app to monitor and adjust the temperature in your home or garage. Set an “away” temperature to keep your utility bill under control.

View Live Video Feed

MyQ live video and compatible Nest cams allow you to check in on things when you’re away from home.

Smart Device Partners

Check out these smart home systems that are compatible with MyQ technology, allowing you to easily automate your entire home. Subscription fees apply for some smart home systems, but plans are available for just $10–12 per year.

Google Home/Google Assistant

If you’re a Google fan, use your Google Assistant to check the status of your garage door. Google Assistant can even have MyQ open and close your garage door for you.


MyQ products are compatible with Nest, which enhances both your security and thermostat capabilities. Use MyQ with Nest to remotely control your home’s energy usage and view video footage and captured images from your Nest Cam.


Combine your MyQ system with XFINITY Home to receive real-time notifications on your garage door’s status. MyQ and XFINITY Home allow you to seamlessly integrate your home automation devices.

Connect your MyQ accessories with’s smart home security system to monitor home and garage security in one place. You can set to close your garage door if your security alarm is triggered as well as notify you if your garage door is left open too long.

Apple Homekit

Your MyQ technology pairs with the Apple HomeKit and enables Siri and Voice Control for your garage door system.


Make your garage door work for you with IFTTT. Together with the MyQ app, IFTTT connects your garage door system with hundreds of apps and devices and allows you to set custom conditions that trigger specific actions, like opening or closing your garage door and turning lights on and off.

Clare Controls

Use Clare Controls with your MyQ system to take your home automation out to the garage. Clare Controls and MyQ make it easy to monitor the safety of your home and garage.


In the car, take advantage of Tesla’s in-dash screen. Integrating MyQ with EVEConnect allows you to operate your MyQ products wherever your Tesla takes you.


Use your Alpine in-dash navigation system to stay connected with your MyQ products when you’re on the road.

MyQ Accessories

Home automation is waiting for you! If you’re ready to put home automation technology to work in your garage, check out these accessories from LiftMaster’s MyQ line.

Internet Gateway 828LM

The Internet Gateway 828LM allows for smartphone connectivity with your MyQ garage door openers, gate operators, and lighting.

MyQ Retrofit Package MYQPCK

The MYQPCK allows LiftMaster garage doors manufactured after 1998 to take advantage of smartphone connectivity. The package includes a LiftMaster Internet Gateway and a MyQ Control Panel.

MyQ Smart Garage Hub

If your garage door isn’t manufactured by LiftMaster, have no fear! The MyQ Smart Garage Hub (821LMB) adds smartphone control to most garage door systems with photo eyes.

827LM MyQ Remote LED Light

This add-on accessory can be mounted anywhere in your garage and is operable from the MyQ app.

825LM Remote Light Control

The MyQ Remote Light Control is a device that allows you to control any lamp in your home with your smartphone or garage door opener. It’s perfect for when you’re on vacation but want to give the illusion of being at home.

Bring Your Garage Into The Age of Smart Homes

If you’re ready to take advantage of MyQ technology and bring your garage into the age of smart homes, contact WD Door. As the premier distributor of LiftMaster and MyQ products across the Midwest, WD Door has the home automation products to bring your garage door up to date. In addition, the experienced professionals at WD Door can aid in your MyQ installation.