It seems like there is an app for everything now, and your garage is no exception. MyQ technology allows you to operate your garage system at any time from anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. While it may seem unnecessary to some, this type of accessibility has major benefits for you and your home.

3 Major Benefits of MyQ Technology

Have you ever been on vacation and suddenly wondered if you remembered to shut your garage door? Perhaps you got to work before you realized you left the door open and no one else in your family is home, either. MyQ can help you with these problems and more:

Control your garage from anywhere.

The myQ app gives you the ability to open and close your home’s garage with your smartphone or other devices, and unlike using your garage door remote, you don’t need to be close to your garage to do it. Open or close your garage from work, a friend’s home, or even hundreds or thousands of miles away on vacation.

This kind of access also enables you to allow carriers to leave packages inside your garage rather than outside, where they would be exposed to bad weather and potential thieves. If you lose your house keys or one of your family members locks themselves out, you can simply open the garage from wherever you are with no need to disrupt anyone’s schedule and head home to help out.

Preset times to fit your needs.

Schedule your garage door to activate when you’re away from home or even when you’re staying in. While it’s easy to hit a button on your phone to close your door, it’s even easier to let the garage close itself at a preprogrammed time! No more getting out of your warm and cozy bed at midnight when you randomly think you left it open: it already shut itself two hours ago, as you told it to.

Give access to loved ones.

You can add up to three guests to your account, who can then control your garage door and lights from their own downloaded myQ app and login info. This is especially handy when your own device is dead and you can’t get to a charger or you’re away from home and want added peace of mind.

Like anything else, myQ connectivity isn’t for everyone. Though the myQ system is incredibly easy to set up, the unit that operates the garage door and the accessories that allow it to operate at its full potential come at a cost, but keep in mind that you don’t have to buy everything at once and can add features gradually as you recognize a need for them. Another factor to consider is that this type of automation relies on wireless internet access. If you live in an area where the WiFi connection is weak, you may experience some difficulty operating the myQ system.

MyQ technology can be a valuable upgrade for your home’s garage door system. The experts at WD Door want you to understand your choices in home garage door products. Subscribe to our blog for more regular updates, or click the link below to access our free guide to LiftMaster’s myQ home automation.