Your garage experiences some of the heaviest traffic in your home, so a little wear and tear are to be expected over time; however, a few simple practices will help you maintain your garage door and prevent costly repairs. Check out these five tips for reducing your garage door repair costs.

1. Keep up with regular maintenance.

Your garage door, just like your car or home, requires regular maintenance. Several times a year, consider doing the following:

  • Complete a visual inspection by closing the garage door and looking for any obvious issues, such as fraying cables or broken springs.
  • Lube the hinges, tracks, and rollers. Use a lubricant designed specifically for garage doors, typically found in the garage door section of your home improvement store.
  • Tighten all screws and bolts. If you notice any loose connections, be sure to take note of them for future reference.

It’s also a good idea to wash and wax your garage door to maintain your home’s curb appeal. You can incorporate this into your regular garage door maintenance routine.

2. Find a trustworthy repairman.

Establishing a good working relationship with a local repair professional is a great way to keep your garage door up and running. Garage door service professionals understand the needs of your garage door. If you’re looking for a trustworthy garage repair company, read our article, “Questions You Need to Answer Before Hiring a Garage Door Repair Company.”

3. Replace old pieces.

Sometimes, all your garage door needs are some new weather stripping or a new hinge. Minor parts can be fixed at home, but it’s wise to research and take into consideration your personal DIY capability before taking on any repair project. Also, make sure that you are using quality parts in your garage. Cheaply made parts can easily break and put you at risk of a more serious problem. To find out more about the various parts of your garage door, read our articles, Basic Anatomy of a Garage Door (Part 1) and Part 2.

4. Fix the problem as soon as you notice it.

If you notice a clank or a jolt as your garage door opens, it’s wise to inspect the problem and assess whether it needs professional attention. The longer you let an issue go, the worse the situation can become.

5. Don’t attempt to fix serious problems yourself.

It may seem like a good idea at the time, but attempting to fix some garage door issues may worsen the problem or put you at risk for injury. Here are a few signs that you may need to call in professional help:

  • You notice a large crack or shift in a supporting wall of your garage
  • One of the springs in your garage door opener has broken
  • There are signs of an electrical fire around the motor of your garage door opener
  • You notice broken cables or rollers on your garage door opener
  • Your garage door no longer opens or closes

Attempting to fix a garage door on your own may increase the cost of professional repair or cause serious damage to your garage door. When in doubt, contact a professional to evaluate the problem at hand. 

If you are unsure of the condition of your garage door, contact WD Door for an inspection. For more than 25 years, WD Door has been the expert in garage door repairs across the state of Iowa. Whether you’re in need of a basic tune-up or a completely new garage door, the team at WD Door is ready to meet your needs with integrity and expertise. Get your free quote today!

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