It’s time to replace your garage door, but you’re debating whether to keep the tracks from your old garage system. From a novice’s perspective, keeping the track seems like an easy way to save money on your new install. While this may slightly reduce the cost now, you may end up paying far more in the long run. Not convinced? Check out our top five reasons to replace your garage door tracks when installing a new garage door.

1. Garage tracks are designed to work with specific doors.

The factory pre-sets on your garage door are designed to work with a specific track. Even if your current tracks are adjustable, the tracks may misalign and cause your door to stop moving or further damage your door moving forward. For more info on how tracks and doors interact, read our article, Basic Anatomy of a Garage Door (Part 1).

2. Old tracks may pose a safety threat to you and your family.

Over time, your tracks may rust, warp, or bend, compromising the safety of your garage door system. If it’s time to replace the garage door itself, it’s probably time to replace the tracks as well. Maintaining your garage door system is the best way to prevent harmful accidents and keep your system running smoothly.

3. Deteriorating tracks may lead to further damaged property.

Again, if your tracks are old, they are probably rusting, warping, or bending, which may cause your garage door to suddenly drop or fall. This may result in damage to your new garage door, your garage itself, or your vehicle. Repairing or replacing these items will cost far more than simply replacing the tracks, to begin with.

4. New tracks reduce on wear and sound.

Your garage door moves along the tracks on rollers. The rollers and tracks work in tandem with one another, so if one is underperforming, the other begins to suffer as well. Keeping your tracks clean, updated, and free from rust allows the rollers to move smoothly, which in turn reduces operating wear and noise.

5. A new system looks and works better.

You wouldn’t go out and buy a new pair of shoes only to stick your old dirty laces in them. The same goes for your garage door. Your system will not only work better, but it will also look better. Dirty, rusty, old tracks detract from the beautiful new investment you’ve made, so remove the distractions and replace everything at once.

A new garage door track is very inexpensive in proportion to the amount of time you’ll be using it. Attempting to cut corners in a new garage installation can leave your wallet hurting in the future when more serious problems arise. Still unsure of what to do? Contact WD Door. For more than 25 years, we’ve been the experts on garage doors across the state of Iowa. From regular maintenance to new installations, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your job done right. Get your repair or installation quote today!

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