Aluminum full-view doors can make great additions to a wide variety of home exterior designs, but that’s not where their value stops. Aluminum full-view doors have a number of useful applications in the commercial world, too.

Fire Station

There are very few things more iconic than a big red fire engine. Why not put them on display? Aluminum full-view garage doors allow complete visibility of these impressive machines. Not only do they add to the curb appeal of your station, but they also allow more light into the garage itself, making cleaning and maintenance easier. Members of the community will love seeing the red engines as they drive by the station!

Car Dealership

You’ve heard of window shopping before, but what about garage door shopping? Aluminum full-view doors are ideal for car dealerships because they expand the display area. An eye-catching garage door perfectly highlights products, puts them in their “natural” habitat, and makes them visible to passersby. It also makes changing out the vehicles in the showroom a breeze.


Similar to its application in a car dealership, an aluminum full-view door provides a huge area for storefront merchandising. It also adds the flexibility to open up the space to the outside to create an indoor-outdoor market. Your clients will love your creativity and ingenuity.

Greenhouse or Nursery

Aluminum full-view doors make practical additions to any greenhouse or nursery, giving plants extra natural light while displaying their beauty to all who pass by.

Art Gallery

Nothing says chic, urban gallery quite like a repurposed aluminum full-view garage door. The large glass panes of the door allow in extra light for optimal display conditions, and a garage door makes hosting events more convenient by allowing the use of indoor and outdoor spaces together. Aluminum full-view garage doors are so gorgeously constructed that patrons might wonder if they’re part of the art collection!

If you’re ready to put an aluminum full-view door to work in your business or home, look no further than WD Door. As a leading provider of both residential and commercial garage doors across the state of Iowa, WD is sure to have an overhead door that suits your needs. Contact us for a free quote for garage door repair or installation.