Are you preparing to purchase a new garage door? Whether you’re concerned about upkeep or unsure of what material to choose, a garage door dealer can answer any questions you might have. Here are our answers to some of the most common questions for garage door dealers. 

Should I choose a metal or wood garage door?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these materials. Both can be customized to complement the exterior of any home. Wood provides a warm, natural appearance, while steel and aluminum have a more modern vibe. Wood doors require more maintenance, but steel doors can be scratched or dented. Choose the garage door material that best fits your priorities. 

What is the lifespan of a garage door?

The lifespan of a garage door varies by materials and can be extended by regular maintenance. Most garage doors should last at least 15 years, but high-quality doors can last 20 to 30 years.

What kind of maintenance is required for my garage door?

The necessary maintenance will vary depending on your garage door’s material. Wood garage doors require refinishing every year or two, and steel doors need to be checked for rust frequently. Both need to be cleaned annually for optimal aesthetics and performance. A professional garage door technician can help you determine a maintenance plan to extend the life of your garage door.

Should I choose a garage door with windows?

There are both positive and negative consequences of including windows in your garage door design:


  • More natural light
  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Perfect for multi-use garages


  • Less privacy
  • Reduced energy efficiency
  • Decreased security

In the end, you’ll have to decide which qualities are most important to you.

Should I choose an insulated or non-insulated garage door?

If your garage is connected to your home, you should definitely choose an insulated garage door. A connected garage is an extension of your home, so the more insulated your garage door is, the more efficient your home will be. If you have a detached garage, insulation is less important unless you plan to also use it as living space or use it to store materials that are temperature sensitive.

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