When issues arise with your home, it can be satisfying to be the one to research and implement solutions. Many people have become do-it-yourself (DIY) experts in the last several years, and completing certain projects done at home can save time and money.

Very few garage door repairs, however, fall into the DIY category. Garage doors are extremely heavy and operate under tremendous amounts of tension and pressure. You should always call an expert before proceeding with a garage door repair. Unlike the rest of us, qualified garage door technicians are specifically trained to safely fix garage door issues as they arise and determine how damaged the door or system really is.

Should you attempt a DIY repair?

Some minor issues, such as aligning the operator’s photo eyes and lubricating components, can be easily accomplished by most homeowners. If, however, issues arise with the following aspects of your garage door, do not attempt to repair them on your own:



Your garage door’s springs have an enormous amount of tension in them in order to properly offset the weight of the door so it can open and close easily. If you try to replace or fix springs that are broken or damaged, that tension could be released, causing you to hurt yourself or make the damage worse.


Your garage door’s tracks are responsible for holding the door in place. Trying to fix tracks that are packed with debris, bent, or rusted or attempting to get the door back on the tracks can result in the door crashing down on top of you.


Garage door opener systems have a lot of technology involved in the way they operate. If you consider yourself a tech-savvy individual, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem. Most of the time, though, this just makes matters worse. Having an expert repair the problem the right way the first time saves you time and money.


Any kind of cable, roller, or drum replacement or installation is off DIY limits. Because of the extreme amount of tension used by your garage door system,  replacing or installing these parts correctly and safely requires specialized knowledge and experience.

When in doubt, call a pro.

Think about it this way: if you don’t know each component of your entire garage door system works together, you run the risk of making incorrect repairs, which can cause the problem to become worse. Reaching out to an expert can help you avoid wasting your time and money—and most importantly, keep you safe. For more information on garage door repairs or supplies, subscribe to our blog or contact WD Door today.

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