WD Door carries some of the finest garage doors on the market. Today, we’re spotlighting Model 9405 of Wayne Dalton’s carriage house Steel line. Its traditional design, low maintenance needs, and energy efficiency make it a great match for many homeowners.


Model 9405 starts with a solid, high-tensile steel structure. Polyurethane insulation earns it an R-value of 10. The foamed-in-place insulation not only insulates the garage from the heat and cold, but also helps control noise from the street and yard. The door panels are finished with a Tough-Guard vinyl backer that adds extra durability. A variety of panel styles can be customized with paint, hardware, and windows.


Model 9405 sports a Wayne Dalton exclusive—the TorqueMaster Plus counterbalance system. This feature houses the powerful springs within a steel tube. The TorqueMaster Plus also contains an anti-drop feature that decreases the risk of free fall and injury. The door panels are pinch resistant and designed to push fingers away from harm as the door closes. A bottom weather seal helps to further insulate the garage and protect the floors from debris and water. The 9405 comes with a lifetime limited warranty that covers cracking or splitting due to rust-through.


With features like these, it’s easy to spot the benefits of model 9405:


Pinch-resistant panels and TorqueMaster Plus counterbalance combine to keep you and your loved ones safe from injury.

Energy Efficiency

Polyurethane insulation and Touch-Guard vinyl backer offer top-of-the-line energy efficiency. The R-value of 10 makes it appropriate for attached garages.


The 9405 can be designed to suit your home. The style, windows, hardware, and color are all customizable.

Is a Carriage House Steel Garage Door a Good Fit for My Home?

The carriage house style door originated when the main type of transportation was a horse and carriage. The barns that held these carriages needed to have doors that would swing out wide enough for the carriages to fit, hence the name. Carriage house doors have changed a lot over the decades, but their aesthetic evokes a simpler time.

Modern carriage house-style garage doors can swing outward as originally designed, but they can also bifold, slide, or open upward like a standard sectional door. This allows homeowners to keep the attractive style of a carriage house door but add efficiency of operation since there is no need to have extra space for the doors to swing out.

In the Midwest, where garage doors must be able to withstand harsh winters, blistering summers, and raging thunderstorms, a steel carriage door could be your best option. Steel doors will never rot, warp, or expand like their wood counterparts. Steel doors are heavy and durable, energy efficient, and require little maintenance. If you’re attracted to the elegance of a wooden carriage house garage door, you can customize a steel door to create the look of wood.

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