Your home’s garage door operating system is composed of several different pieces and parts that all work together to open and close your door every day, probably multiple times a day. Just one click of a button sends everything into motion, but have you ever stopped to think about how it works?

A better understanding of your home’s garage door system can help you identify issues as they arise and perhaps even prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.

How It Works

When your garage door is closed, the motor locks it into place, not allowing any movement until it receives a signal from the remote (which is probably clipped to the sun visor in your car). This small remote is actually a radio transmitter: when you pull into your driveway and push the button, the transmitter activates and sends a code to the receiver in your garage to open the door.

When the garage door opener’s motor receives that signal, it directs the door’s spring system to start counterbalancing the weight of the door as it is lifted from the ground, which ensures a safe and controlled retreat up the tracks.

Cables assist the springs in opening and closing the garage door by providing more support as the heavy door moves up and down. Rollers, usually made of steel or nylon, allow the door to glide easily along the tracks.

myQ Technology

Have you ever gotten to work and couldn’t remember if you closed the garage before leaving? Perhaps you have a dog sitter coming to your home while you’re on vacation but don’t want to give them a remote or your garage’s code. Home automation features like the myQ smart system let you open and close the garage door while you’re away.

This system allows you to control your garage from anywhere you are, at any time, as long as you have access to the internet. Setting up the system is simple: download the app to your phone or other device and connect to WiFi.

With myQ, you can:

  • Open and close your garage door or gate
  • Preset the door to close at a certain time every day
  • Check to make sure your garage door is open or closed from anywhere
  • Turn your garage’s lights on and off
  • Adjust the thermostat in your garage
  • Receive alerts when your garage door is activated
  • View live video feed with compatible accessories

Your garage door keeps your home and family secure, and understanding more about how it works helps you identify issues as they arise. MyQ technology adds even more security and peace of mind. You can find more information about myQ technology on our blog, and subscribe for regular updates on cutting-edge garage door products!

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