Tis the season! Many of your neighbors probably already have their Christmas lights set up. If your house is one of the few sad-looking homes left on the street, it’s time to get out the ladder, untangle your lights from last year, and get to work! Hanging lights around the garage area can sometimes be a bit tricky. Here are some tips to help make the process go smoothly and to help you avoid damaging your garage door, the largest moving part of your home.

Don’t use staples, nails, or a hot glue gun to hang your lights.

To avoid damaging your lights and creating a fire hazard at the same time, use clips or hooks to hang your lights from your garage. You can find various types at a hardware or home improvement store. Many attach securely and safely to shingles or gutters.

Hanging Lights Vertically

To hang lights on the sides of your garage (vertically), purchase clips or hooks designed specifically for the task. Buy some that can be nailed in place or attached with a removable adhesive. They should be designed so that the light cords can wrap around them to be held securely in place. DO NOT ATTACH CLIPS OR HOOKS DIRECTLY TO YOUR GARAGE DOOR.


Clips and hooks should be spaced approximately one foot apart. Set them up before you begin hanging any lights. Make sure they’re all facing the same direction as you install them.

Get out the lights!

If you’re using the same lights you used last year, carefully untangle them, lay them out on the ground, and plug them in to make sure you don’t have any bulbs or strands that have burned out. If you have a faulty strand, it can be a fire hazard. Throw it out and purchase a new strand; it’s not worth the risk. Consider LED bulbs to save money and avoid the risk of overheating. Make sure all your lights are for outdoor use and don’t attach too many strands together. Many electricians recommend connecting no more than three strands.

Use outdoor extension cords.

Make sure your extension cords are UL approved and specifically designed to be used outdoors in winter.

Hang your lights!

Have someone help you with this part. Your assistant can hand you the lights as you need them to keep them untangled and to make it safer for you if you have to stand on a ladder. Secure your lights in their respective clips or hooks starting on one side of your garage door, and then move gradually across the top and down the other side. Keep them unplugged until you’re finished, and then light them up and appreciate the view!

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