Power outages might leave you in the dark, but they don’t have to leave you stranded. Natural disasters are leaving homeowners across the nation without power. With fall thunderstorms, ice, and snow on the horizon, Iowa residents need to understand how to release their garage doors in an emergency.

If the Door Is Open and You Need to Secure It

Often, you won’t need to leave your home when you lose power. During thunder or snowstorms when you wish to remain in your home, you may need to shut and secure your garage door to keep your home and family safe. It’s always best to do this as soon as you know a storm is coming, but if you must close your garage door during a power outage, follow these steps.

Clear Garage Opening

If you lose power when your garage door is open, first try to obtain emergency service from a qualified technician. Some garage door companies provide emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you must close the door on your own, start by making sure everything is cleared from the area under the door. It’s possible that the door will come crashing down once you pull the release cord.

Locate the Release Cord

Identify your system’s release cord. The release cord will hang directly from your garage door opener; most release cords are red. Once you’re certain that everything (and everyone) is cleared from the garage door opening, pull the cord firmly toward the back of the room.

Secure Your Garage Door

Even if it doesn’t crash down, the door will likely close by itself. If not, you should be able to pull it down easily. Once the door is completely shut, secure it with your door’s manual lock.

If the Door Is Closed and You Need to Exit

If your garage door is closed during a power outage, you can manually open your garage door in a few easy steps. Opening your garage door will likely be easier with a partner, so try to find another able-bodied adult to help you.

Locate the Release Cord

Pull the red cord hanging from your garage door opener towards the back of your garage. This will disengage your door from the operator.

Lift the Door

After you’ve disengaged the door, try lifting the door with your partner. You should be able to push the door all the way up the track.

Prop the Door Open

The door should stay open, but for extra security, prop it open with a solid object like a 2×4. If you can’t prop it open with an object, have someone hold the door open while you pull your vehicle out.

Exit Safely

Exit your garage safely, making sure to avoid any person or prop that’s holding the door open.

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