Safety is of the utmost importance in the work environment. Keep your employees, building, and business safe by conducting an annual rolling steel fire door drop test with the help of a garage door professional.

On Your Own

Before you call in a pro, there are a couple of steps you can take on your own to prepare your fire door.

Complete a Visual Inspection

Before you schedule a professional drop test, conduct a visual inspection of your rolling steel fire door.

  1. Are there any broken, bent, or loose parts?
  2. Is there any sign of rust on your system?
  3. Are there any misaligned parts?
  4. Are there any missing parts?
  5. Is your door balanced and level?

Any of these conditions could result in a failed drop test, so you’ll need to have a professional repair them. You may want to consider enrolling in a preventive maintenance program to ensure repairs are addressed regularly and in a timely manner.

Test Your Door

Next, test your door to determine if it is ready for a professional drop test. Simply open and close your fire door as you normally would. If you find that it is not operating correctly, you’ll definitely need to schedule a repair before your drop test.

With a Pro

Once you’ve completed your part of the process, it’s time to call in a pro.


Address Necessary Repairs

If you found any issues with your garage door system during your visual inspection or operational check, you’ll need to have all the necessary repairs done. These should be finished before your drop test is conducted to prevent your door from failing the inspection.

Conduct a Drop Test

Once your door is up to par, it’s time to schedule a drop test. Often, your garage repair technician can conduct the test the same day as the repairs. Be sure to plan an adequate amount of time for this process.

When ready, the garage door repair professional will completely open your fire door. Once it is open, they will close the door using your operating system. The door must close at a rate between 6” and 24” per second. After the door has closed, the technician will reset the door and complete the process again. When the test is complete, your inspector will fill out the necessary paperwork to document the test and, if applicable, help you take steps toward bringing your system up to industry standards.

If you need to schedule your rolling steel fire door drop test, contact WD Door. Iowa’s leading experts on residential and commercial garage doors, the professionals at WD Door will ensure that your rolling steel garage door is tested and working properly and that your inspection has been properly documented and verified. Give us a call today!