Garage doors can be used for more than simply keeping your vehicles safe inside your garage or for common commercial business applications. Here are several places where commercial garage doors can be utilized to make a space more modern, hip, comfortable, and convenient.

Restaurants & Bars

If you own a restaurant and want to give it an update so it has a modern vibe, or you’re building a new place and you want it to stand out, consider integrating garage doors into one or several of the walls. More and more restaurants, cafes, and bars are picking up on this trend. In the summer, you can open the doors to let in a breeze and connect indoor and outdoor seating areas. Not only will large doors create cohesiveness throughout your space, but they will also make it easier for servers and guests to come and go between inside and out. In the winter, having garage doors as part of your walls can give your indoor space a modern or rustic look or, if your doors are glass, sweeping views of the outdoors and optimal natural lighting during the day.

Garage doors can be utilized in beautiful, formal restaurants as well as casual hangout spots, like local sports bars. Check out Bar Louie in West Des Moines, an upscale bar and eatery, and Exile Brewing Company in downtown Des Moines, an old warehouse turned modern diner and brewery with garage doors that lead to an expansive outdoor patio.

Concert Venues

Having large doors you can open before, during, or after a concert can take a small, crowded space and transform it into an indoor/outdoor, large-event experience. For smaller, more intimate, or winter shows, you can keep these doors closed. During a larger event, open up the doors to fit more people or fill the neighborhood with music. The Rustic is a distinctive music venue in Dallas, Texas, with a large door that hides or reveals a stage and others that open and leads to a connected kitchen and restaurant.

Art or Design Studios

Whether you’re an artist, architect, designer, or you just want a space of your own where you love to work, you’ll appreciate the NowHouse. Natural light fills the space, and it has a modern look and feel, giving artists and designers a serene place where they can think and be inspired.

Shops & Boutiques

If you want to give your shop a facelift, adding a large door (or doors) can be a great solution. It will allow you to move merchandise in and out of the building with ease and give your space a rustic, modern, or customized look, depending on which type of door you install. It can be a great way to welcome visitors and a way to make your shop stand out and catch shoppers’ attention.


Whether you already use your garage as your gym, you own a gym, or you’re looking for a fresh design for a new gym you’d like to build someday, consider adding garage doors! Glass doors will let in maximum lighting and allow you to let in a breeze and seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor workouts.

Don’t hesitate to ask us if garage doors can be incorporated into your business design. We repair and install commercial and residential garage doors across Iowa. To request a quote or to get in touch with one of our salespeople, click on the button below!