If your business relies on the accessibility, durability, and usability of a commercial garage door, then you know that a company is only as reliable as its garage door system. Whether you’re a commercial door veteran who needs to upgrade or a newbie looking to add an overhead door to your business, you don’t want to miss out on these top-of-the-line commercial operators.

Sectional Garage Door Operator

The LJ8900W from LiftMaster is the ideal jackshaft opener for your sectional garage doors. This wall-mount system is lightweight and ideal for smaller commercial doors.


The LJ8900W uses MyQ Technology, built-in Wi-Fi compatibility, and real-time alerts. You could say that it’s one of the smartest operators on the market. The LJ8900W can also be used with battery backup so you can operate your door even when the power is out. Rest assured that in emergency situations, your opening system will be working just as hard as you are. With Security+2.0, your garage door system will only open for registered devices. Your business, inventory, and property will be well protected, even when you’re away. The LJ8900W also includes a two-year warranty.


The LJ8900W comes ready to perform with a heavy-duty 12V DC motor, automatic thermal protection, and commercial-grade steel chassis. Your system will operate at 8.5” per second on an upward cycle and 7.6” per second on the downward cycle—a fast-paced operator for a fast-paced business. The LJ8900W can handle up to 180 square feet of doors, perfect for dock doors, small warehouses and businesses, and outdoor buildings.

Rolling Garage Door Operator

For commercial rolling garage doors, choose LiftMaster’s LJ8950W jackshaft operating system. With smart technology, fantastic add-ons, and a quiet wall mount, this model is one of the best commercial garage door operators.


Like its sectional door counterpart, the LJ8950W comes equipped with MyQ Technology and built-in Wi-Fi compatibility to provide real-time alerts. These features allow you to make the most of your system, wherever you happen to be. The LJ8950W is also battery backup capable and comes with Security+2.0. Whether it’s a power outage or a potential break-in, your system has you covered. The LJ8950W comes with a two-year warranty.


Just like the LJ8900W, the LJ8950W uses a heavy-duty 12V DC motor, automatic thermal protection, and a commercial-grade steel chassis and operates at 8.5” per second going up and 7.6” per second coming down. The LJ8950W can also handle up to 180 square feet of doors, ideal for dock doors, small warehouses, self-storage units, and counter shutters.


If you’re ready to take advantage of these commercial garage door operators, contact WD Door. WD Door is proud to be a leading provider and installer of commercial garage door operators across the state of Iowa. Schedule your installation today!