We would love for everyone to be safety-conscious at work, but we know the reality. When it is time to head home, everyone is running around looking to leave. Safety isn’t the first thing on their mind.

Your commercial garage door can be an afterthought in the rush to get home. Someone can easily hit the button to close it without checking for people or objects in the way.

This is where light curtains can help you out. Installing a light curtain can provide a better source of protection for your company. No need to have anyone crushed or a vehicle damaged!

Old School Safety

Commercial garage services are great for your business. They provide security and protection for your business and are easy to use. The biggest problem with them is they are often big and heavy!

This is great for protecting your business, but not good if they come down on something or someone. You don’t want someone getting trapped under your door, cause you know lawyers will get involved, and we all hate lawyers!

The old school safety for garage doors was someone lowering it while pushing a button, or the old photo eye units that are on a residential garage door.

The problem with buttons is how easy it is for someone to not pay attention while pressing it, hello smartphones! The problem with photo eyes is they only cover a small area, which can be a problem with a large commercial door.

The Benefits of Light Curtains

Light curtains instantly upgrade your garage door safety. They provide a larger area of protection for all commercial garage door types.

For example, the new LiftMaster Monitored Light Curtain covers a 3ft wide area with 22 monitored infrared cross-beams. These beams span across your opening, giving up to 33 feet of safety coverage.

This coverage is enough to protect people and equipment, plus it can keep you from making expensive garage door repair. If anything breaks the light plane, the door will automatically reverse course and stay open.

This not only gives safety protection, but keeps you from having any downtime that can hurt your bottom line. Many light curtains will also provide important data to you for your facility control.

They help to give you real-time data and the ability to control your monitor and control your facility from anywhere. This helps you know if anyone is on the property at an unauthorized time “borrowing” things from you.

21st Century Safety and Security

Light curtains are the up-to-date and modern way to provide safety and security to your business. They help to protect your people and equipment, as well as provide the ability to manage and secure your property.

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