Smart technology is on the rise—even for your garage door operator! Many mainstream garage door system manufacturers have adapted their models to work compatibly with other staple technology features like Wi-Fi and smartphones; LiftMaster is no exception. If you’re looking to update your garage door opener, do it the smart way. Make your garage a smart garage with these techie features.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Whether you choose a traditional overhead system or one of LiftMaster’s new wall mounting operators, be sure to choose a model that has Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to take advantage of the many accessories available for LiftMaster operators. This is the first step in making your garage door system “smart.”

Automatic Garage Door Lock

Lift Master’s 841LM automatic garage door lock is a smart accessory you don’t want to miss. This powerful add-on feature deadbolts your garage door closed, making it “virtually impenetrable.” The automatic garage door lock gives you added security and control over your garage door system. It can be monitored with the MyQ app via your smartphone.

MyQ Smartphone Control

For several years, MyQ has been a leader in the trend toward smart garage door technology. It allows you to control all of your smart features with the touch of a button.


Use your MyQ smartphone control to monitor your garage door. On the app, you’ll be able to see how long the door has been open or closed, so you’ll have a better understanding of your garage’s traffic.

Voice Control

In some models, like the MyQ Home Bridge 819LMB, you’ll not only find smartphone control but also compatibility with Siri voice commands. Open and close your garage door hands-free with this nifty accessory.

Open and Close

With MyQ smartphone control, you can open and close your garage doors as well as any connected security gates on your property. You’ll never have to wonder again if you remembered to close the garage door.

Adjust Temperature

If your garage door is heated or cooled, you can easily adjust the temperature with your MyQ smartphone app. This allows you to cut back on heating and cooling inefficiencies and save money on your utility bills!

Stream Live Video

With a connected camera, you can view live video footage from your garage on your MyQ app. You’ll have access to complete knowledge of what’s going on in your garage, even when you’re not there.

Don’t let your clunky old system drag you down; contact WD Door to learn more about our smart garage automation systems. The professionals at WD Door in Iowa will help you determine the smart features that will best serve you and your home. Give us a call today!