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Steel Garage Doors

Classic steel garage doors offer a variety of designs and color options, along with the durability and dependability of galvanized steel for years of maintenance-free use.

Steel Garage Doors - Model 2000

Energy Savings  

Our premier line of insulated garage doors. The 2000 Series boasts one of the highest energy ratings of any garage door in the industry. These doors are built with heavy gauge galvanized steel & insulated for maximum energy efficiency and years of use.

Steel Garage Doors - Model 8500

Energy Savings  

Model 8500 garage doors have the highest insulation value of the 8000 series. With an impressive R-value of 16.22, this extremely durable door is made to provide years of reliable operation, resulting in a quality door that will stand the test of time.

Steel Garage Doors - Model 700

Energy Savings  

700 Series garage doors are made with heavy gauge galvanized steel embossed with a deep wood grain. The 700 Series is ideal in all climates and offers a full range of color and window options. Adding beauty and value to your home has never been so easy!

Steel Garage Doors - Model 8300

Energy Savings  

Model 8300 garage doors are made with two layers of steel and polyurethane foam insulation. Insulation value of 12.12.

Steel Garage Doors - Model 600

Energy Savings  

The 600 series door offers the most design options at an affordable price, adding style and curb appeal to your home. It has the look of deep embossed wood grain with the strength and durability of heavy gauge galvanized steel. With an R-value of 13.45, the 600 series is polyurethane insulated for energy efficiency and engineered for years of virtually maintenance free use.

Steel Garage Doors - Model 9600

Energy Savings  

The 9600 model offers traditional options that create a stylish, yet economical design. These garage doors are chosen by homeowners for their insulating value of R-11, durability, gracious looks, and unique safety features.

Steel Garage Doors - Model 9100

Energy Savings  three-star

A Wayne-Dalton Model 9100 garage door offers safety, beauty, and durability at the most affordable prices for steel doors. Chosen by homeowners for its strength, durability, and gracious design, the Model 9100 door is backed by a Lifetime Limited warranty for many years of worry-free dependability.

Steel Garage Doors - Gallery Series

Energy Savings  three-star

We’ve taken the iconic raised panel steel garage door and given it a vintage feel by adding a grooved panel design, optional decorative windows and wrought iron hardware with many unique color choices including Ultra-Grain®, Clopay’s exclusive faux woodgrain paint finish.