Everywhere you look, there’s a new smart product. There are smartphones and smart cars and smart appliances and now…smart doors? You heard it right, folks. What used to be a creaky slab of metal is now a high-tech safety mechanism complete with features for increased usability and convenience. So, what sets a smart door apart from your (apparently) “dumb” door? Check out the MyQ line from LiftMaster and prepare to get smart!

The Basics

LiftMaster’s MyQ line of accessories provides a variety of smart features for your garage door system. Check out the basics below!

  • Internet Gateway 828LM enables smartphone control for all MyQ products, including garage door openers and lighting.
  • MyQ Home Bridge 819LMB enables smartphone control for all MyQ products and is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Siri, and Voice Control.
  • MyQ Retrofit Package MYQPCK allows you to upgrade any LiftMaster garage door opener manufactured after 1998 to MyQ technology (includes 828LM and MyQ Control Panel).
  • MyQ Smart Garage Hub 821LMB adds smartphone control to most major garage door openers with photo eyes.

How It Works

Once you’ve decided to update your garage door with MyQ technology, follow these simple steps to set up your smart system:

  1. Connect your system and router to power.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Register your MyQ product using its serial number.
  4. Add your MyQ enabled devices.
  5. Download MyQ wherever you purchase your apps.
  6. Take advantage of your garage’s new smart features!

Your MyQ system uses internet connectivity to give you access to MyQ-enabled devices. You now have the freedom to operate your garage door’s functions from your phone—at the store, on a train, or at the beach!

What You Can Do

Check out these fantastic features brought to you by MyQ smartphone control.

Monitor Your Door

We’ve all experienced it before: you’re halfway across town when you realize that you don’t remember whether you closed the garage door. With MyQ technology, you can double-check yourself no matter where you happen to be.

Open and Close Door

It’s nice that you can see whether you closed the garage door, but MyQ takes it a step further! If you accidentally leave the door open, the MyQ app allows you to close your door with the tap of the screen.

Operate Lights

The MyQ app is perfect for those late-night grocery runs when you don’t want to fumble through a dark garage. Simply turn your garage light on from the comfort of your car.

View Video Feed

If you’re leaving your home for a while, use the MyQ video feed to check in on your garage.

Adjust Temperature Settings

Is your garage heated or cooled? Use the MyQ app to monitor and control its temperature.

If you’re ready to bring your garage door into the 21st century, contact your Des Moines LiftMaster retailer, WD Door. The professionals at WD Door can assist you in updating your garage door and help determine the MyQ product that is best for you. Give us a call today!