As the new year approaches, it’s time to consider those household projects you’ve been putting off. If it’s time to replace your garage door, you’ve probably encountered the term R-value. What exactly is R-value, and why is it important for your garage door?

Why does R-value matter?

When shopping for a garage door, particularly for an attached garage, it’s important to pick a door that will contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. In the garage door world, energy efficiency is measured in R-value. The R-value of a door refers to its resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the more resistant it is to heat transfer or energy inefficiency. A well-insulated garage door will have a high R-value and hinder the flow of heat (outwards during the cold winter months and inward during the hot summer months).

Do I need an insulated garage door?

There are several reasons to invest in an insulated garage door. Insulation can improve the condition of your garage in nearly any circumstance. Here are just a few questions to help you decide whether to invest in a garage door with a high R-value.

Is your garage door attached to your house?

If you have an attached garage, a well-insulated door is incredibly important. When you consider the amount of traffic between your garage and your home, it’s easy to see how a non-insulated garage could lead to an abundance of cold air entering your heated home. An insulated garage door helps keep your home as energy efficient as possible.

Do you live in an area with extreme temperatures?

For homeowners who live in areas of the country that experience very cold or very hot temperatures, an insulated garage door is a wise addition to the property. An insulated garage door will help prevent drastic temperature changes in your garage, to better protect your belongings.

How do you use your garage?

Garages don’t just have to be used for storage. The underutilized square footage can make a great home gym, art studio, or “man cave.” If you plan on using the garage as living space, an insulated garage door is probably a necessity. Your bonus room won’t get much action if it doesn’t stay comfortable year-round.

What are the benefits of an insulated garage door?

Insulated garage doors have a number of benefits, but here are just a few to consider. An insulated door

  • Protects your belongings you store in the garage
  • Blocks sound coming from outside the home
  • Typically lasts longer than a non-insulated door
  • Maintains a more consistent temperature in your garage

If you need a new garage door, contact WD Door in Iowa. Our team of experienced garage door professionals can help you determine the style, material, and R-value best suited for your garage. From installation to inspection and repairs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to get started designing your perfect garage door.