Hit Your Garage Door? Don’t Blame the Backup Camera!


Good news! If you’ve hit your garage door with your car, you’re not alone. The garage door hit-and-stun is becoming a reoccurring theme throughout the garage door repair industry. Okay, so maybe that’s not such a good thing.

Safety Tips for Your Industrial Garage Door


Your industrial garage door is a helpful asset to the inner workings of your business. Unfortunately, a commercial door can also pose a safety risk to you and your employees. Be sure to follow these safety tips so you can enjoy the many benefits your industrial doors have to offer.

Take Your Spring Cleaning Out to the Driveway


You’ve cleaned out your closets, organized the desk drawer, and even washed your curtains, but it’s time to take your spring cleaning outside—to the driveway! Not sure how? Follow these quick tricks to get ready for your first block party of the year!


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